Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4, 2012, 8:31:
I'm very tired this morning. I hope I can be functional. It's a good thing I'm going to the Brigham Young Home again.
Tomorrow it's been a month since we left for the MTC. I can't believe it. It's flying by "on wings of lightning" so to speak!
I called Mary Sue this morning after watching the tornadoes that touched down by Dallas. They missed them, thank goodness. And thank goodness there was no loss of life! It was throwing 18 wheeler semis around 100 feet in the air like they were toys. It poured rain here yesterday and I could here this roar and wondered if there was a tornado close by, but haven't heard anything.  That's why I was looking at the tornado stuff online. I stood outside and watched the storm blow come in 'til it started to sprinkle. Then I decided I better come in the house. The clouds were so black. Some water leaked in our basement, but not much. We had to go to practice in it and water was running everywhere. The little almost dry creek bed on the way to the horse corrals was running white water rapids. :) Well, almost! It was actually white. It was almost dark, too dark to get a picture.
Well,better go exercise and get ready for the day. We have the 11:30 am-5:00 pm shift today. Elder Scott is going to the Browning Home and Gunsmith Shop today.
Love you all, Sister Scott

Cont., 8:39 pm:
An interesting day at the Brigham Young Home. A man came in and said, point blank, he wanted to know more about the Church. He asked us why Joseph Smith was in jail and why the people wanted to kill him. We, Sister Parker and I, told him that the people wanted to smash the church in it's infancy and figured, if they killed the Prophet Joseph Smith and scatter the Saints, they could accomplish that. No question who was behind that idea. We asked him if he had seen the visitor cards and he said he had filled one out in another sight. Sister Parker asked him if he had heard of the Book Of Mormon and he said no. She then asked him if he wanted a copy and he said no. I had the distinct thought come to my mind that he thought we were trying to sell him one. So I went in the office and picked one up and went back out and I said as I handed it to him that he could have it if he would like. Sister Parker had told him that it is another testament of Jesus Christ and about the Joseph Smith story; going into the sacred grove and seeing and talking Our heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and then when he was 21 receiving the golden plates and translating them. Then he took the Book of Mormon and said he was going to read it. I told him about the promise in Moroni 10:3-5 and Sister Parker helped him look it up. then he said he was in a hurry and he marked the page so he could read it later. He said he wanted to go over to Carthage and visit the Carthage Jail where Joseph and his brother Hyrum Smith were killed and he left. What an amazing experience, to have someone just outright, tell you he wanted to know more. We're usually the ones asking if people want to know more.
Elder Scott and I did a little driving around Old Nauvoo about dusk tonight and saw three deer on the lawns going down toward the Mississippi River It was cool. Took a picture but it might have been to dark. We'll see.
We go to the Visitors Center tomorrow. That should be interesting.
Oh, Elder Call, a missionary that is a veterinarian had the horses run away with him today and ended up in the hospital. What a blessing the wagon didn't have any guests on it. He had just unloaded all the guests.
Goodnight all. Love you, Sister Scott

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