Friday, June 29, 2012

Annie C
4:41 PM (21 hours ago)
to me
Judy My Friend!

It's perfect!!!  I'm going to have Sharon read it.  I know she'll love that!  We miss you, but are so proud of your great example of trotting off to parts unknown to serve the Lord.  I think it makes missionary work "real" when the sisters can relate to someone they know and love.  Thanks again!!!!  You're amazing!!!!  I smiled the entire time I read it and I could hear it in your voice in my head.  

Is there anything we can do for you?  Sharon was so excited that you called her.  She called me right after and made me guess who she had been talking to.  She is a kick!  She said that Willy hurt his shoulder; I hope he is healing. We pray for you each night. What a great power to know that millions of members are praying for your success and protection! There is no way you can fail!

We have big news!!!  Cody and Erika are expecting a baby in January!!!!!!! WAhooo!!!!!  I'm so excited!

All is good here in Farr West. I'm working on the parade for the 4th. I love to celebrate this great country! Take care and keep in touch.

Thanks again your the best!!!

She actually had Doris Dabb read it.

email from Sister Young to Lucy Mack Cast

Love to Lucy Mack Cast

nauvoo director <>Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 12:51 PM
To: "Scott, W" <>,
WE DID another wonderful show! When greeting our guests as they exited the show, without exception, they loved it! We did put a few to sleep...but then - they were under two years old!  One parent's complaint, which came from her smiling child by her side said, "she was disappointed she didn't see the flying horse"!  I agreed "Me too" ! Don't you think we should have one that pops up just when the kids turn around?

In one of this week's shows we couldn't help but notice an amazing young girl with disabilities on the front row physically supported by her Mom so she too could catch the Spirit of Rendezvous?  I couldn't understand exactly what she was trying to say but there was NO doubt she was touched and loved the show!  Some of you may have seen her in her wheel chair on the Trail of Hope YPM vignettes or in the sites. "She" was one of God's angels and they're ever present here in Nauvoo!

Was last night's show short of perfect? Could we have used an 8:15 practice? Could we have gone back into the "green" room and tweeked and sang some more? Could we have repeated "Little Town" entrance 1-15 more times so we all start singing  "Nauvoo" on the 16th beat? Do some/all of us need to be REMINDED when Relief Society starts and do we need more practice getting our scripts word perfect? Yes to all of the above!  But we...delivered a very wonderful show. And the Halford's debut was "next" to perfect!!! I'm looking forward to hearing a "word perfect" testimony from his creamy deep voice.

Having only one show allowed some of you to go see Living Legends for the last time or the YPM vignettes on the Trail of Hope!  Some of you hurried to Annie's to socialize over yummy custard. There were those who you went home to grab an extra hour of sleep or watch another beautiful Nauvoo sunset (E/Young and I did ).  Whatever you did.....the 2nd show off - was a rare summer "gift" for all of your double nights of diligence and hard work! So...June 27th will go down in my journal as another bless-ed day in Nauvoo! Thank you!
Collectively we're a superb cast of Nauvoo missionaries, individually we're God's angels singing our way into the hearts of His children! Thank you for your service! Thank you for your Vim and Vigor! Thank you for climbing the steep Nauvoo learning curve in such a short period of time. Thank you for believing in me... for your dedication and willingness to serve! AND thank you for your love and support while I mount my steep learning curve!

With all my  Sister Young

PS.....Nonie Sorensen wrote Rendezvous music and will be in Nauvoo on July 4th. I LOVE this music and am so excited to have her hear how well you sing. I know she has tickets for the 8:15 show on the 4th which will be the Sarah Granger cast. But I'm hoping she'll be able to hear Lucy and Emma as well! We'll sing our hearts out just in case!   Further, Elder Openshaw is willing to tutor all the Thomas and Elizabeth's duet Farewell to Nauvoo. I will coordinate a schedule with him so we can use his expertise to enhance her wonderful song! Also, any of you wanting to meet with me concerning your vignettes/parts email me asap. It is my goal to direct you as I have been instructed so the play stays pure to the purpose of it's inspired author!
(Practice makes perfect unless you keep practicing imperfectly)ly

Sister Louise YoungHistoric Nauvoo LDS MissionPO Box 215Nauvoo, Il 62354217-453-2039

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Washington D.C. Rotunda, June, 2012

June 2012:
I met Betty Given while serving at the Lucy Mack Smith home in Nauvoo. We were talking about Brigham Young's statue being in the Rotunda at Washington D.C. and how our country had honored him as the greatest colonizer of the West in 1950. She said they had been there and she had a picture of it on her phone and would email it to me. Here it is. That is their son by the statue.

Monday, June 18, 2012

June 12, 2012, More pictures added 6/20

June 12, 2012:
It was our preparation day this day. We got up and hurried to Keokuk and bought some groceries and hurried back to Nauvoo. I highlighted the things that were going on here. We first went and listened to the Nauvoo Brass Band Concert on the wagon in front of the Cultural Hall at 10:00 am. I love listening to them play. Then we went inside the Cultural Hall and watched Just Plain Anna Amanda, a play by the Young Performing Missionaries. Then at 12:30, we went over to Main & Kimball and watched Youth of Zion, vignettes and singing by a few of the Young Performing Missionaries. Then at 4:30, we went to the Visitor's Center and watched High Hopes and River Boats performed again by the Young Performing Missionaries. Then at 7:00 pm, we went to the outdoor stage where we perform Sunset on the Mississippi (we watched another cast perform it) and watched the BYU Ballroom Dance Company perform at 8:30 pm. We didn't stay for the whole performance Because I was getting pretty tired. I just don't take the late hours well. It was a wonderful day, finally getting to see some of the things that are going on here in Old Nauvoo. Here are some pictures from the day.

Sorry, I kept running out of battery in the middle of things and didn't have the extra battery with us.