Sunday, December 30, 2012

Brian Taylor's misssionary letter, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year!

Brian L Taylor <>Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 5:33 PM
To: Wilford Scott <>
Dear Elder and Sister Scott!
        Somehow I inherited a bad cold from someone a week ago.  It must love
me, because I it has enjoyed occupancy all week.  I decided to stay
home from church today and spare someone else the "joy of the season"
that someone was go kind to share with me. I hear that I really missed
some exciting news about the next year's curriculum.
        When my grandson came home from teaching his class in the Plain City
Stake, he shared some statistics with me that are 'way exciting.  You
may have heard some of these, but they were so indicative of the
Church's growth that I  just had to include them here.  Really, Nick
works for the Church now, so I am not sure whether he had heard these
statistics at work or in church
        In the Kentucky Louisville Mission they have 180 missionaries.
Within the next six months that number will increase to250
        The new youth curriculum is being released in 23 languages  How
exciting to think of how many individuals this will touch!
        Reports of General Conference are now being received in 65 languages.
        The Book of Mormon is now available in over 100 languages.
        My grandson, who has an internship with the Church, is currently
working on translating our wonderful scriptures into other languages,
complete with footnotes.  Think what this will do for missionaries
throughout the world!
        I think how much each of us can do individually.  I have had a bad
problem in name extraction, which has slowed me to a snail's pace this
month, but I noticed that to date I have extracted or arbitrated
120,832 entries.  When I consider that thousands of
indexers/arbitrators are at work in the Church (also some out of the
Church), it warms my heart to  think what wonderful resources are
going to be available for genealogical research in the immediate
        So many new resources, so many more people being involved in the
Lord's work, isn't it all thrilling!  I hope we can all make full use
of the tools that the Lord is making available to us.  And I trust
that all this effort will make your work go forth with increased
        My the Lord bless you with increased opportunities, along with great
spirit and devotion in this, the greatest work on the earth.
        My the new year bring you deep satisfaction and personal blessings.
          Love, Brian

Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 29, 2012

Dec. 29, 2012:
No deer this morning. Elder Monney must be feeding them too good! Got a good picture of the cardinal though. And a big owl (I think) in the tree out front. Wish I could have got it in flight. It was so beautiful. But didn't see it soon enough.  I didn't get a picture of the buck I saw on Christmas morning. My camera was in my car which he was walking right by. He was beautiful.
I'm going to go hang out in the Heber C. Kimball Home and give tours there and at the Wilford Woodruff Home also. We are sharing some of the sites because we don't have enough missionaries this time of year.  I love being at the Heber C. Kimball Home. Yesterday Elder Scott and I were in the John Taylor Home, sharing the Print Shop. It's nice to serve with him once in awhile. On Sundays we are always scheduled together and once in awhile other days, but not too often.
We went to the Nauvoo Temple and did a session Thursday evening. That was nice.

Friday, December 28, 2012

December 28 2012

Dec. 28, 2012:
What a fun week. Every morning around 6:30/7:00 am I've seen deer in our backyard, so close to the house it's amazing. They are so beautiful. I love seeing them. I watched a buck walk right down the side of the driveway. I think it was a four our five point. I'm not sure how to count the points. The deer here are smaller than in Utah. But they are still beautiful and it's so fun to watch them. Elder Scott put some bird seed out in the bird feeder hanging from the tree out back and the deer eat from it. There's about 7 head of deer around here. I'm sure there's more but that's what hangs out in our neighborhood. My dad would have loved this place. Except he would have wanted his gun. He was a great hunter and we enjoyed deer meat when he went hunting. I posted pictures on facebook. I haven't got a picture of the buck yet but I'm hoping to. I've only seen it in our yard that one time. We've seen it around Nauvoo here and there. I guess it's the same one. Not sure though. Sister Monney said that Elder Monney is training the deer in their yard. He shakes some deer feed and they come to the edge of the brush. Then he pours it on the ground. The minute he turns to walk away, they come bounding out of the brush to eat it. Sounds fun!
There are some cardinals around also. They are so pretty. Especially against the snow background. The red is very vibrant.
I better go exercise and start to get ready. I want to go to the post office this morning and mail a package. They aren't open in the afternoon.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas from the Laneys, 2012

(Note: There are pictures in the letter on gmail.) December 26,2012
Elizabeth Laney
7:22 PM (13 hours ago)
to GscottandcarenAulestiabettypurtellYbrookscarolyn4NWDChadGKLYMLCE/SE/SKCharylRlorinehansonJK
Dear Nauvoo Friends--Well, we sent half of our email Christmas letters out several days ago and then got busy with the season's busy-ness. This morning I realized we hadn't sent all of them--mostly to our missionary friends! So--you are in the half that didn't get sent. We miss all of you and hope to see you in the near future--maybe at the next reunion, maybe in Costco or at the doctor's office. Hope you had a great Christmas Day.
Liz and Steve Laney

Dear Friends,
It's been about four months since returning home to Payson, Utah from our beloved Nauvoo.  What a sweet experience it was to 
spend 18 months in the sacred City of Joseph.  We miss all of you, Rendezvous, painting in the historic sites and missionary 
homes, taking pictures of you, serving in the sites, being close to the beautiful temple, spectacular Mississippi River sunsets, the 
abundance of wildlife and, again, all of you!  
Since we have been home, we have attended the wedding of our 
oldest grandson, watched a son run a marathon, attended soccer 
and football games with grandsons, had a granddaughter receive 
her mission call to NY, NY South Mission (Spanish speaking), and 
have been praying for a premature (26 weeks) great 
granddaughter born in November at 1 lb 6 oz. and who is,
thankfully, doing well.  We've also spent a considerable amount of 
time reclaiming the farm and house and doing some much needed 
painting (yes, that is PAINTING!).  Well, now that we know 
everything we ever wanted to know about painting, we thought we 
ought to put that knowledge/skill to good use at home.  We're back 
singing in the ward choir--getting ready for the Christmas program 
on Sunday and have callings to serve in Scouts and Primary.  
We've finally received some significant snow here and we are 
enjoying the fact that we don't have to go anywhere in it.  All of our 
Children were able to come to our home for the annual Christmas 
Party earlier this month and now there is a little peace and quiet here with just the two of us, one dog, six horses, a flock of 
chickens and a mess of cats.
We have so much enjoyed 
hearing from many of you 
and hope to see you all at the 
Mission reunions and any 
other time you are in the 
area.  You are always 
welcome in our home.  Let us
know if you need a stopping 
off place, we have lots of 
extra bedrooms and plenty of 
May you all enjoy the spirit of 
the Savior at this season as 
we celebrate His birth.
  Laney residence  5256 W 10400 S  Payson, UT  84651  801-361-8950 
With our love,
Steve and Liz Laney

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Celebrate the New Year
with a
Prime Rib Dinner
at “The Bistro”
December 31, 2012
6:00 P.M.
Please select a favorite hymn together and be
prepared to share your thoughts about that hymn with us.
$10.00 per couple will cover the cost of  the meat.
Sister Christensen will contact you with an additional
food assignment.
Please bring your own dinner & salad plates, flatware & glasses.
If  you have any questions, please call Sister Christensen or Sister Endter

Monday, December 24, 2012

Brian Taylor's letter, December 24, 2012

Have a Memorable Christmas!

Brian L Taylor <>Sun, Dec 23, 2012 at 4:07 PM
To: Wilford Scott <>
Dear Elder Willie and Sister Judy,
        This is certainly a busy time of year, yet I hope that the spirit of
the season will bring some open doors for you and cause people's
hearts to truly seek the things of the spirit--be teachable.  On the
other side of the  coin you might need extra trials to be in a frame
of mind so the Spirit can teach you.  Sister Shari Dew told a story of
an exasperated housewife, mother of 8 children, who had just about had
it one day, so she phoned her husband at work and complained, "Why did
the Lord give us EIGHT children?"  The husband offered this
consolation, "Because He knew we could handle seven."
        I heard another story on the BYU broadcast Monday that set me to
thinking.  Bishop Edgeley of the Presiding Bishopric  was traveling in
Europe with a Jewish fellow several years ago (I presume aboard a
and struck up a conversation.  The Jewish man asked him, "What is the
most important word in the world?"
        "Faith," offered Brother Edgeley.
        "No, it is hope," countered his Jewish friend, who related the
following story.  When he was a small boy, the German Gestapo had
raided their home and taken away every member of his family except an
aged grandmother.  Fearing for their safety, the grandmother bought
some tickets on a train and took her young grandson, hoping to leave
the country and find a safe haven.  When they came to a certain train
stop, Gestapo agents boarded the train, seized the two Jewish people
and separated them, taking the grandmother to a concentration camp and
her grandson to a special camp in another location.
        Throughout the rest of his life the young Jew put forth every effort
to find any member of his family, but to no avail.  His HOPE spurred
him on to become a man of influence, enabling him to search for family
more effectively.
        The Lord gave us weaknesses that we might become strong.  When we
recognize our weakness, we are humble enough to be taught.  Then the
Lord leads us to become strong.
        I heard a couple of thoughts today that struck me very forcibly; (1)
No one ever found instruction to be of worth if he only had INTENTIONS
of following the principles; (2) finding (or keeping) happiness
depends entirely on one's attitude.  Each of these ideas could easily
be developed into an impressive sermon.
        May this week be one that brings you intense happiness.  I trust that
it will help you to know that you are in my daily thoughts and earnest
prayers.  You must receive a spiritual lift from knowing how many of
your dear friends and relatives are pulling for you from the
God bless you!  Love, Brian

Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 22, 2012

It's December 22, 2012, the birthday of our baby boy. I well remember bringing him home in his little carrier and placing him under the Christmas tree. Our other children said he was the best gift they could receive. They loved him as much as we did. Now having six children, what a challenge and a blessing. A challenge I'm sure I wouldn't have survived without our oldest daughter. I'm still not sure what made me think I could be a mother, but I'm grateful I am. How the years have flown by when I look back on them.
I remember thinking when I first held and looked into the eyes of our first sweet little baby girl. The thought came to me that the best thing I could do for our children would be to make them independent of us. Well, we did a number on our oldest child, but I'm so grateful that they are all independent and productive adults. They really do make us proud. Like the rest of the World, they are not perfect. Only in my eyes.  
We've had our share of disappointments and trials. Maybe not even as bad as some, but enough to humble us and help us realize they were on loan to us for a while from a loving Heavenly Father, who wants them to come back to Him so very much. He even sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to live as an example and die for us to help us return to Him. All He asks of us is to "Come unto Him", even Jesus Christ, who atoned for our sins, so we can repent and live with Them again someday. He won't force us. We have to choose to follow Him and keep His commandments. But after all we can do, His atonement will make up the difference.
I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and love us. I know they sent the Holy Ghost to comfort us and to help us live our lives better. They together make up The Godhead. 
I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ was taken from the Earth after He and all His apostles died. It's called the great apostasy and the dark ages followed. Then in these latter-days, the Prophet Joseph Smith restored The Church of Jesus Christ back to the earth.
What a blessing to live in these latter-days when the light and knowledge of God flows to the earth and we can partake of it just by making a few right chooses. It takes faith and a lot of work but like Bishop Gertsch said one time, "It's not a problem, it's just a process". We can do it by taking one step and one day at a time.    
But sometimes we have to turn a different direction in our lives to start going in the right direction. That's the hard part. Realizing we are going in the wrong direction and getting further and further away from where we really want to be.
I've made a lot of mistakes in my life. I just pray I can be forgiven. Forever is a long time and I really want to be with my own family forever. Elder Scott and I have put the sealing power in place in the temple for this to be. Now if we can just live so it can take effect in eternity. I love Elder Scott and all of our family and just hope we can be together forever.
In The Holy Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Illinois Nauvoo Mission-Elders

Illinois Nauvoo Mission <>Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 1:52 PM

                A Training at the Brickyard!
                When: Thursday, December 20th
                Time: 8:00 am to 8:50 am
                Who: ALL Elders who serve in the Historic Sites. 
                If it is your Preparation day we hope you will still be able to attend.

December 22, 2012 McBride's Christmas card

Dec. 22, 2012:

Dear Nauvoo missionary friends,

Oh, how we miss you...and oh how we miss beautiful, peaceful, sacred Nauvoo.  It's a good thing the holidays have kept us busy, because we get emotional every time we think of you and that wonderful little town.  Our prayers are with you each day, and we're so grateful for the love and great association we've had with you.  We know how wonderful your Christmas will be.  Email us any ol' time...keep us up to date...and don't have too much fun without us!  Love Steve and Darcy McBride

"I'll be home for Christmas"
That seems to be the theme for the McBrides in 2012.
We arrived home from our mission to Nauvoo Dec. 7th
and are getting ready for the holidays here in Holladay.
We miss our mission.
We began by serving 9 months in Nauvoo, then almost 6 months 
in Carthage, and then finished i Nauvoo.
We felt especially blessed to have served in Carthage.
We also cherish the new friendships developed there.
We both wish you the very best
Christmas Season this year.
With Love,
Steve and Darcy McBride

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Brian Taylor's letter, December 18, 2012

Hope you have a great week

Brian L Taylor <>Sun, Dec 16, 2012 at 9:51 PM
To: Wilford Scott <>

Dear Elder and Sister Scott,
          I'm thinking of you again--with love.
          My home teachers just left after giving me a special feeling about Christmas.  That feeling seems to be coming early this year.  For one thing my extended family is having its annual Christmas gathering this afternoon.  If there were a way of e-mailing you a little bucket of Chex mix, I would gladly share with you just as I am sharing with my families.
          I got another spiritual uplift today in sacrament meeting.  All the program was inspirational, but I got a special lift from my wonderful cousin Jayni Carlleton and her husband Jake when they played a violin-piano arrangement of Silent Night that was just heavenly.  At the conclusion of the meeting when I hurried to the back of the chapel to give them a hug, Jayni shed some tears of love.  Isn't it wonderful to have these heavenly days!
          I had another heavenly experience yesterday when I invited my grandson Jordan Hipwell to come and touch up some of the pictures I had imported for my new History of Farr West.  Jordan has such a wonderful talent for doing that sort of work on the computer.  However, my real reason for having some was to have a heart-to-heart talk about accepting a missionary call at this special time in his life.  He admitted to me that he had thought about it, but had not made any decision.  I asked him to go home and think and pray about it, and I would do the same, then I will talk with him about his decision.  Jordan's Dad just lost his job, but I promised to give Jordan the financial support he would need if he would begin planning the right way.  All of my grandsons to date has accepted a mission call; I pray that the record will continue unbroken.
          As is characteristic of our time, I find myself almost inundated with e-mail messages.  Most of them are worthwhile, but one that came today was so beautiful.  It carried the message that we should get the Christ back into our lives at this Christmas season.  I have been so upset with the recent trend to take the name of Christ out of this season and just have cards that state "Holiday season."  If I ever get a card in an assortment to send, if the word "Christmas" is not mentioned, I write it in LARGE letters.  I do find it heartening to see that most cards do include the word "Christmas" this year.  I hope the trend continues.
          (Later)  Our family gathering was just wonderful.  I am so proud of my posterity.  We enjoyed a lovely pot luck lunch, then our daughter Karma got out her set of chimes and led participants in a few of the Christmas carols.  Kids and adults alike had that "fascinated" look in their eyes while participating.  I enjoyed them so much.
          You are in my thoughts so often--and always in my prayers.  Have a wonderful week.
Love, Brian

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas for Elder & Sister Larsen and Elder & Sister Hoopes 

Alene Ahrend <>
9:12 PM (13 hours ago)
to yurinbennettcbrooksCall1936doris.christen.kchristiansen5markpaul_leilacharylfowersyahooty_cgryglagarygharropjonnyj44johnson3040tmfnewmanbestbynunnorsonpoulsenearlsmulesmeEldersltjenningspoulsen3bettypurtellopenshawrgd.miller5smmunhozsc
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED IN ANY WAY WITH THE QUILTS!!  Amazingly, they are already tied and off the frames and they look WONDERFUL!  I hope to have the edges all completed and have them for you to look at by Sunday's meetings!  You have all been remarkable!

I would like to enclose a booklet of letters and from everyone in the package I will send to them, along with the quilts.  If you would like to be part of that, please either write something and put it in our mailbox in the mailroom or email me a document at this email address ASAP. Please include a picture of you too.  

It is going to be a real treat for them to receive from all their friends here in the mission.  I thank you all for participating in this project. You're making my Christmas brighter and I know that theirs will be brighter too, because of your efforts!  You are an amazing group!


Sister Endter
      Just a note about this. Elder Hoopes and Sister Larsen had to go home early from the mission because they found out they have cancer.    

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 11, 2012

Dec. 11, 2012:
Sister Fowers and I were serving in the Riser Boot Shop today when we had what we have learned to call a "Nauvoo miracle". Neither one of us have ever been there to serve before. The sweet little story isn't very hard to grasp, but the demonstration on how to make a shoe---now that's another story. I was reading the instructions and we were trying to figure it out. Well, it wasn't making any sense to either one of us. We didn't know if we would have any tours or not but wanted to be prepared in case we did. Well, then Elder Poulsen walked through the door. He's the site leader there!!! I can't even remember why he had stopped by. It was their preparation day and they were heading out of town. But he gave us a demonstration on the making of shoes and it made a whole lot more sense than when we were muddling through it on our own. We did have one tour and were so thankful that he had come by and showed how to do that. The couple was Sister Fower's friends heading home from Kirtland, Ohio. They had been on a mission there.
The sweet little story is of George and Christianna Riser's infant son, John Jacob, who was ill, nigh unto death. The Prophet Joseph  Smith and Orson Hyde gave him a priesthood blessing and he was instantly healed. George and Christianna were lead shortly after to get baptized members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints.
What a wonderful blessing to know that story and to know that the priesthood has been restored to the earth as a part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ's Church in these latter days and blesses families.
Our Rendezvous cast went to out to dinner in Burlington tonight. We rode over with the Sim's. It was very nice. I was a little leery because we went to a Mexican restaurant but the food was great. Burlington's about 30 miles from Nauvoo.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 9, 2012 Bishop Brian Taylor's letter

Pre-Christmas greetings

Brian L Taylor <>Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 6:29 PM
To: Wilford Scott <>

Dear Elder Willie and Sister Judy,
          I'm still working to get  back to normal, but I was grateful to get back to church again today--but this time I chose to sit in my usual place on the second row in the chapel.  I enjoyed one of the best sacrament meetings that I have ever attended. 
          Brother Kenyatta Green turned on  my memories of the mission field.  He mentioned that after he agreed to receive the discussions, he KNEW that the Gospel was true.  He grew rather emotional during his talk, having to reach for a tissue to wipe away a few tears.  I was given to feel immediately that he was a special spirit.  Was he led to settle in Farr West for a reason?  I thought of the years he was teaching in the  priest's quorum and the strength that he brought with his teachings, and I realized that I have had special feelings for this good man from the beginning of my acquaintance with him.
          Brother Lionel Brady brought out an interesting thought--visualize a young elder "seeking" those golden contacts.  When the family feels that they have found the truth, the elders who found them become "angels" to these good people.  In a way they are related to the angels who announced the birth of the Savior so long ago.  Then remember that the Savior was born to die for you and me, thus bringing about the atonement--the one great doctrine around which all other principles of the Gospel hinge.  We need to gratefully acknowledge this at the Christmas season, so we focus on the right reason to rejoice.
          Brother Del Dabb  asked the question:  Who is this Jesus?  He is the ONLY BEGOTTEN of the Father in the flesh--the Light of the World.  Truly, the doctrines surrounding His birth and his mission are best described in the modern exclamation--Awesome!  As He taught, the truth shall make you free.  The generations before the Savior looked forward to His birth.  We all look forward to the wonderful blessings that come from following His teachings.
          In conclusion I want to share with you my joy over being able to attend my eldest grandson's ordination to the office of high priest and his setting apart as a high councilor in the Roy North Stake.  Since age 2 he has been afflicted with a form of cerebral palsy that left him with partial use of his left arm and with a limp in the left leg.  Yet his attitude has always been positive.  He fulfilled a mission to Rochester, New York, married in the temple, and worked vigorously as an elder's quorum president.  Then we hurried to another Roy ward where my eldest great-grandson and his younger brother sang in sacrament meeting, accompanied by their mother.  My cup runneth o'er!
          God bless you at this special season.  I love you!  Grandpa Taylor

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 4, 2012

Dec. 4, 2012:
Elder Scott and I received a Christmas card from the First Presidency today.
I served in the Lucy Mack Smith Home (with the Pendleton Log School as a shared site) today with Sister Ward and we didn't have any tours at either place. We got a lot of crocheting done.

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

Dec. 3, 2012:
I can't hardly believe it is December already. The time is flying.
Blogger-Blogger sent me a message saying I had filled all of the free space for pictures on here. I've got some cool pictures of the first eagles in Nauvoo and a bunch of cardinals by the Wilford Woodruff home. There was about 6 or 7 of them but they wouldn't cooperate so I could get a picture of more than 2 in a picture at a time. They both are so beautiful. I can't wait until all the eagles they talk about come in here in January. I don't know if I can open another blog and have more space or what. I think I would have to have another email address to do that. I'm debating what to do. I think I might put some in facebook and back them up on a flash drive.
We went to Coralville, Iowa to Cosco today to pick up Elder Scott's hearing aid charger. It's sure a long ride, 2 hours each way. We were back in Keokuk, Iowa to do some grocery shopping at Walmart +and then ate out at his favorite restaurant, The Hawkeye.
I'm feeling kind of sick. Not sure what is wrong. It started yesterday but I felt fine this morning. We are supposed to perform in Rendezvous tonight. I don't know if I'm going to feel good enough to go or not.
I decided to put the pictures in facebook. Hope I don't run out of space in there.

Bishop Brian Taylor's letter, December 3, 2012

I'm back!

Brian L Taylor
7:59 AM (8 hours ago)
to me
Dear Elder and Sister Scott,
          Brother Taylor  is finally back on track, I hope.  I would hate to repeat the events of the past two weeks, although I am not un aware that tribulation brings us closer to our Heavenly Father.  When I had a bad fall just the week before Thanksgiving, it was my children who stepped in and took me to get some medical help.  No broken bones, but a painful injury that lingers on.  I am benefiting from Hospice visitors regularly--in fact the one on Friday left me exhausted after a grueling system of exercise to strengthen those muscles which are painful to use.
          During my recuperation my sister Zesta Ziemer passed away and I was invited to read a tribute I had prepared months ago and had passed it by both of her daughters for approval.  I was not able to do unassisted walking, and my back was so sore that I sat in a recliner at the front of the chapel and read my tribute from there.  Some of Zesta's family voiced their surprise when a voice boomed out over the connection and my hand which held my notes didn't even shake.  They decided I was not as old as I looked (I had taken a skin cancer treatment earlier that week).  The funeral was conducted by Zesta's grandson, who is a stake president in Arizona.  The spirit in the service was so peaceful and the music from her family so lovely that I said it was the most wonderful funeral I had ever attended.  I still marvel at the outstanding music and talks and SPIRIT.   I was so proud of my sister, for her life was one of quality service.
          I had a special experience Friday when I was asked to give the prayer of dedication at the lovely-decorated log cabin that Randy Chambers unearthed back in April.  He had done a beautiful job of restoration and added furniture and relics that added to the spirit of the place.   A relative in Oregon had sent him two old oval pictures of the original owner and his wife, so those were hung on one wall with other older relatives .  Altogether the d├ęcor made the place have a hallowed feeling.  I had been able to help Randy find that his 2nd great-grandfather's family had owned that property.  Then some family history had been unearthed which showed the family had come across the plains in 1865 and moved to Farr West (then a part ofHarrisville) in 1866,  The whole project was so fascinating that I was having a celestial experience in searching my record of Farr West to find Randy had bought land that had belonged to his 2nd great-grandparents.  What a precious find!  And today the cabin (visible from the outside) and surrounding offices make a wonderful addition to Farr West.  The dedication brought relatives from as far away as Oregon.  It is a miracle the way all of the pieces fit together.  It was identified with RECORDS
          I hope you are keeping a good journal and that the habit will continue throughout your life.
  Love, Brian