Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas from the Laneys, 2012

(Note: There are pictures in the letter on gmail.) December 26,2012
Elizabeth Laney
7:22 PM (13 hours ago)
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Dear Nauvoo Friends--Well, we sent half of our email Christmas letters out several days ago and then got busy with the season's busy-ness. This morning I realized we hadn't sent all of them--mostly to our missionary friends! So--you are in the half that didn't get sent. We miss all of you and hope to see you in the near future--maybe at the next reunion, maybe in Costco or at the doctor's office. Hope you had a great Christmas Day.
Liz and Steve Laney

Dear Friends,
It's been about four months since returning home to Payson, Utah from our beloved Nauvoo.  What a sweet experience it was to 
spend 18 months in the sacred City of Joseph.  We miss all of you, Rendezvous, painting in the historic sites and missionary 
homes, taking pictures of you, serving in the sites, being close to the beautiful temple, spectacular Mississippi River sunsets, the 
abundance of wildlife and, again, all of you!  
Since we have been home, we have attended the wedding of our 
oldest grandson, watched a son run a marathon, attended soccer 
and football games with grandsons, had a granddaughter receive 
her mission call to NY, NY South Mission (Spanish speaking), and 
have been praying for a premature (26 weeks) great 
granddaughter born in November at 1 lb 6 oz. and who is,
thankfully, doing well.  We've also spent a considerable amount of 
time reclaiming the farm and house and doing some much needed 
painting (yes, that is PAINTING!).  Well, now that we know 
everything we ever wanted to know about painting, we thought we 
ought to put that knowledge/skill to good use at home.  We're back 
singing in the ward choir--getting ready for the Christmas program 
on Sunday and have callings to serve in Scouts and Primary.  
We've finally received some significant snow here and we are 
enjoying the fact that we don't have to go anywhere in it.  All of our 
Children were able to come to our home for the annual Christmas 
Party earlier this month and now there is a little peace and quiet here with just the two of us, one dog, six horses, a flock of 
chickens and a mess of cats.
We have so much enjoyed 
hearing from many of you 
and hope to see you all at the 
Mission reunions and any 
other time you are in the 
area.  You are always 
welcome in our home.  Let us
know if you need a stopping 
off place, we have lots of 
extra bedrooms and plenty of 
May you all enjoy the spirit of 
the Savior at this season as 
we celebrate His birth.
  Laney residence  5256 W 10400 S  Payson, UT  84651  801-361-8950 
With our love,
Steve and Liz Laney

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