Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 9, 2012 Bishop Brian Taylor's letter

Pre-Christmas greetings

Brian L Taylor <>Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 6:29 PM
To: Wilford Scott <>

Dear Elder Willie and Sister Judy,
          I'm still working to get  back to normal, but I was grateful to get back to church again today--but this time I chose to sit in my usual place on the second row in the chapel.  I enjoyed one of the best sacrament meetings that I have ever attended. 
          Brother Kenyatta Green turned on  my memories of the mission field.  He mentioned that after he agreed to receive the discussions, he KNEW that the Gospel was true.  He grew rather emotional during his talk, having to reach for a tissue to wipe away a few tears.  I was given to feel immediately that he was a special spirit.  Was he led to settle in Farr West for a reason?  I thought of the years he was teaching in the  priest's quorum and the strength that he brought with his teachings, and I realized that I have had special feelings for this good man from the beginning of my acquaintance with him.
          Brother Lionel Brady brought out an interesting thought--visualize a young elder "seeking" those golden contacts.  When the family feels that they have found the truth, the elders who found them become "angels" to these good people.  In a way they are related to the angels who announced the birth of the Savior so long ago.  Then remember that the Savior was born to die for you and me, thus bringing about the atonement--the one great doctrine around which all other principles of the Gospel hinge.  We need to gratefully acknowledge this at the Christmas season, so we focus on the right reason to rejoice.
          Brother Del Dabb  asked the question:  Who is this Jesus?  He is the ONLY BEGOTTEN of the Father in the flesh--the Light of the World.  Truly, the doctrines surrounding His birth and his mission are best described in the modern exclamation--Awesome!  As He taught, the truth shall make you free.  The generations before the Savior looked forward to His birth.  We all look forward to the wonderful blessings that come from following His teachings.
          In conclusion I want to share with you my joy over being able to attend my eldest grandson's ordination to the office of high priest and his setting apart as a high councilor in the Roy North Stake.  Since age 2 he has been afflicted with a form of cerebral palsy that left him with partial use of his left arm and with a limp in the left leg.  Yet his attitude has always been positive.  He fulfilled a mission to Rochester, New York, married in the temple, and worked vigorously as an elder's quorum president.  Then we hurried to another Roy ward where my eldest great-grandson and his younger brother sang in sacrament meeting, accompanied by their mother.  My cup runneth o'er!
          God bless you at this special season.  I love you!  Grandpa Taylor

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