Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 22, 2012 McBride's Christmas card

Dec. 22, 2012:

Dear Nauvoo missionary friends,

Oh, how we miss you...and oh how we miss beautiful, peaceful, sacred Nauvoo.  It's a good thing the holidays have kept us busy, because we get emotional every time we think of you and that wonderful little town.  Our prayers are with you each day, and we're so grateful for the love and great association we've had with you.  We know how wonderful your Christmas will be.  Email us any ol' time...keep us up to date...and don't have too much fun without us!  Love Steve and Darcy McBride

"I'll be home for Christmas"
That seems to be the theme for the McBrides in 2012.
We arrived home from our mission to Nauvoo Dec. 7th
and are getting ready for the holidays here in Holladay.
We miss our mission.
We began by serving 9 months in Nauvoo, then almost 6 months 
in Carthage, and then finished i Nauvoo.
We felt especially blessed to have served in Carthage.
We also cherish the new friendships developed there.
We both wish you the very best
Christmas Season this year.
With Love,
Steve and Darcy McBride

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