Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Brian Taylor's letter, December 18, 2012

Hope you have a great week

Brian L Taylor <bjt087@gmail.com>Sun, Dec 16, 2012 at 9:51 PM
To: Wilford Scott <scott.wilford@gmail.com>

Dear Elder and Sister Scott,
          I'm thinking of you again--with love.
          My home teachers just left after giving me a special feeling about Christmas.  That feeling seems to be coming early this year.  For one thing my extended family is having its annual Christmas gathering this afternoon.  If there were a way of e-mailing you a little bucket of Chex mix, I would gladly share with you just as I am sharing with my families.
          I got another spiritual uplift today in sacrament meeting.  All the program was inspirational, but I got a special lift from my wonderful cousin Jayni Carlleton and her husband Jake when they played a violin-piano arrangement of Silent Night that was just heavenly.  At the conclusion of the meeting when I hurried to the back of the chapel to give them a hug, Jayni shed some tears of love.  Isn't it wonderful to have these heavenly days!
          I had another heavenly experience yesterday when I invited my grandson Jordan Hipwell to come and touch up some of the pictures I had imported for my new History of Farr West.  Jordan has such a wonderful talent for doing that sort of work on the computer.  However, my real reason for having some was to have a heart-to-heart talk about accepting a missionary call at this special time in his life.  He admitted to me that he had thought about it, but had not made any decision.  I asked him to go home and think and pray about it, and I would do the same, then I will talk with him about his decision.  Jordan's Dad just lost his job, but I promised to give Jordan the financial support he would need if he would begin planning the right way.  All of my grandsons to date has accepted a mission call; I pray that the record will continue unbroken.
          As is characteristic of our time, I find myself almost inundated with e-mail messages.  Most of them are worthwhile, but one that came today was so beautiful.  It carried the message that we should get the Christ back into our lives at this Christmas season.  I have been so upset with the recent trend to take the name of Christ out of this season and just have cards that state "Holiday season."  If I ever get a card in an assortment to send, if the word "Christmas" is not mentioned, I write it in LARGE letters.  I do find it heartening to see that most cards do include the word "Christmas" this year.  I hope the trend continues.
          (Later)  Our family gathering was just wonderful.  I am so proud of my posterity.  We enjoyed a lovely pot luck lunch, then our daughter Karma got out her set of chimes and led participants in a few of the Christmas carols.  Kids and adults alike had that "fascinated" look in their eyes while participating.  I enjoyed them so much.
          You are in my thoughts so often--and always in my prayers.  Have a wonderful week.
Love, Brian

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