Monday, December 3, 2012

Bishop Brian Taylor's letter, December 3, 2012

I'm back!

Brian L Taylor
7:59 AM (8 hours ago)
to me
Dear Elder and Sister Scott,
          Brother Taylor  is finally back on track, I hope.  I would hate to repeat the events of the past two weeks, although I am not un aware that tribulation brings us closer to our Heavenly Father.  When I had a bad fall just the week before Thanksgiving, it was my children who stepped in and took me to get some medical help.  No broken bones, but a painful injury that lingers on.  I am benefiting from Hospice visitors regularly--in fact the one on Friday left me exhausted after a grueling system of exercise to strengthen those muscles which are painful to use.
          During my recuperation my sister Zesta Ziemer passed away and I was invited to read a tribute I had prepared months ago and had passed it by both of her daughters for approval.  I was not able to do unassisted walking, and my back was so sore that I sat in a recliner at the front of the chapel and read my tribute from there.  Some of Zesta's family voiced their surprise when a voice boomed out over the connection and my hand which held my notes didn't even shake.  They decided I was not as old as I looked (I had taken a skin cancer treatment earlier that week).  The funeral was conducted by Zesta's grandson, who is a stake president in Arizona.  The spirit in the service was so peaceful and the music from her family so lovely that I said it was the most wonderful funeral I had ever attended.  I still marvel at the outstanding music and talks and SPIRIT.   I was so proud of my sister, for her life was one of quality service.
          I had a special experience Friday when I was asked to give the prayer of dedication at the lovely-decorated log cabin that Randy Chambers unearthed back in April.  He had done a beautiful job of restoration and added furniture and relics that added to the spirit of the place.   A relative in Oregon had sent him two old oval pictures of the original owner and his wife, so those were hung on one wall with other older relatives .  Altogether the décor made the place have a hallowed feeling.  I had been able to help Randy find that his 2nd great-grandfather's family had owned that property.  Then some family history had been unearthed which showed the family had come across the plains in 1865 and moved to Farr West (then a part ofHarrisville) in 1866,  The whole project was so fascinating that I was having a celestial experience in searching my record of Farr West to find Randy had bought land that had belonged to his 2nd great-grandparents.  What a precious find!  And today the cabin (visible from the outside) and surrounding offices make a wonderful addition to Farr West.  The dedication brought relatives from as far away as Oregon.  It is a miracle the way all of the pieces fit together.  It was identified with RECORDS
          I hope you are keeping a good journal and that the habit will continue throughout your life.
  Love, Brian

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