Sunday, December 30, 2012

Brian Taylor's misssionary letter, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year!

Brian L Taylor <>Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 5:33 PM
To: Wilford Scott <>
Dear Elder and Sister Scott!
        Somehow I inherited a bad cold from someone a week ago.  It must love
me, because I it has enjoyed occupancy all week.  I decided to stay
home from church today and spare someone else the "joy of the season"
that someone was go kind to share with me. I hear that I really missed
some exciting news about the next year's curriculum.
        When my grandson came home from teaching his class in the Plain City
Stake, he shared some statistics with me that are 'way exciting.  You
may have heard some of these, but they were so indicative of the
Church's growth that I  just had to include them here.  Really, Nick
works for the Church now, so I am not sure whether he had heard these
statistics at work or in church
        In the Kentucky Louisville Mission they have 180 missionaries.
Within the next six months that number will increase to250
        The new youth curriculum is being released in 23 languages  How
exciting to think of how many individuals this will touch!
        Reports of General Conference are now being received in 65 languages.
        The Book of Mormon is now available in over 100 languages.
        My grandson, who has an internship with the Church, is currently
working on translating our wonderful scriptures into other languages,
complete with footnotes.  Think what this will do for missionaries
throughout the world!
        I think how much each of us can do individually.  I have had a bad
problem in name extraction, which has slowed me to a snail's pace this
month, but I noticed that to date I have extracted or arbitrated
120,832 entries.  When I consider that thousands of
indexers/arbitrators are at work in the Church (also some out of the
Church), it warms my heart to  think what wonderful resources are
going to be available for genealogical research in the immediate
        So many new resources, so many more people being involved in the
Lord's work, isn't it all thrilling!  I hope we can all make full use
of the tools that the Lord is making available to us.  And I trust
that all this effort will make your work go forth with increased
        My the Lord bless you with increased opportunities, along with great
spirit and devotion in this, the greatest work on the earth.
        My the new year bring you deep satisfaction and personal blessings.
          Love, Brian

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