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December 29, 2012

About last night!

Gretchen Poulsen <poulsen3@gmail.com>
12/29/12 (3 days ago)
to RichardGailYuriConnieAlKarenRussRussellKarenRussellChadJenniferFloydJackJudithGreogorySerfioThomasMichaelOrsonEarlmeRobertWilliamStephen
Hello Joseph Cast!

You gave a wonderful performance last night! We have had good-sized audiences the past two nights!

Unfortunately that "dog-gone" cooling/heating unit ran almost the ENTIRE hour! It made it difficult to hear some of the lines in the vignettes. Just a reminder to ALWAYS project as much as possible.

Peter and Abigail...you did a great job last night. The audiences particularly enjoyed Peter's chuckling on the line..."why don't you read it....to Ezra?" Nice work both of you on your lines and blocking.

Relief Society went really well and I could see each and every Sister last night. Nice work!

Willingly was really good and I appreciate you MEN acting like MEN and filling the gaps in the FIVE on each side....even if your name was not on the list. WAY TO GO! That's what makes this show run so well without a weekly rehearsal (like in the REAL world.) You ALL pitch-in and work together so well. THANK YOU!!!!

On "Streets" we can do a little better with the KICKERS centering themselves. The past few performances it looks as if you are jammed too close to the pillar on the piano side. The first man on the curtain side will need to watch it and try to be only about 3 ft. from the curtain-side pillar....and everyone else stagger themselves. We may need to practice it once ...but let's see if you can fix it without an extra rehearsal. NICE WORK on the kicking.....It is pretty impressive to see all those ol' legs going so high up in the air. I can tell the audiences LOVE it!

On POTTERY...you all do just fine...but remember as you stretch your hand out to the right....  don't have your hand in the face of the person next to you. Think about keeping your hands a little above the waist line. 

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