Sunday, January 27, 2013

Brian Taylor's letter, January 27, 2013

Hope you're having a great day

Brian L Taylor
6:56 PM (57 minutes ago)
to me
Dear Elder Willie and Sister Judy,
        We got a surprise today when we drove to church in pleasant weather,
but when we were ready to leave church, a winter blizzard was in
progress.  I thought that this is so much like our lives--in the
mission field as well as here at home.  I would hope that you have far
more good days than challenging ones.  However, I have a favorite
saying, "Things are just like they are supposed to be."  When we are
hurting, that is part of the Lord's plan for us.  As you know so well,
our challenge is to accept what is given us and keep a positive
        In sacrament meeting today Delbert and Doris Dabb were the main
speakers.  Each of them told of experiences that convinced me they are
already prepared to serve as missionaries in St. George.  Both of them
have experienced great disappointments as well as thrilling moments in
their lives as parents.  As Doris expressed, however, they love their
wonderful children and grandchildren.  What a great example!  I know
how one daughter seems to avoid my son as her home teacher.  Doris's
expression of greatness in her children is a good example of us all to
appreciate whatever the Lord gives us and always be grateful.
        Brother David Jay made me appreciate even more the fact that we were
saved to come here during this period of the Church's history  Part of
the lesson dwelt on the incident of Martin Harris's losing the first
116 pages of the transcribed Book of Mormon. No criticism was made of
his actions.  I had been reading this week about Martin--how he was a
dear friend of the Prophet and assisted him in so many ways.  I LOVE
that man!  Like so many of us, he exercised poor judgment when under
pressure--from his wife.  His final words in his life were in bearing
testimony about the divinity of the B. of M.
        Our priesthood lesson led us to do some introspection.  Have we lived
such exemplary lives thus far that we can excuse ourselves for a small
detour?  He gave examples of an active LDS father who lied about a
child's age to save money an a theater admission ticket.  Also he told
about a father who lied about the number in his family when seeking
accommodations at a motel.  I cringed when I heard that this father's
grown children keep reminding him periodically of his poor judgment
that night.  I imagine that his conscience reminding him was bad
enough,  but to have children remember his indiscretion--that
punishment is endless!  I  accepted his challenge to examine our past
lives and see if we could remember any such mistakes in our lives.
Can you?  Instead of such mistakes, I could remember two incidents
that happened one before, and one after I was married.  I had to
remind a clerk one time that she had given me back too much change.
Soon after I was married I stopped at a service station and bought
some gas.  Then I also decided to buy one tire.  The station attendant
got so busy with my buying and his mounting the tire that he forgot to
charge me for the gas until I reminded him.  Goodness knows that I
have made enough mistakes of other brands.  I have full confidence
that some positive efforts will enable me to be forgiven of my
shortcomings--if I repent properly.
Every new day is a new opportunity.  Let's you and I make each one
count.      Love, Elder(ly)Taylor

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