Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hi Dan Jones District members. Happy New Year! Just a little reminder about our January assignments:

1.  The following are our assignments for cleaning the Stake Center: 8:00 am
January 05
Parley Pratt
Dan Jones
January 12
Dan Jones
Orson Pratt

Each Saturday morning two Districts will be assigned to clean the Stake Center.  The first District listed is the lead and the second is helping and learning to be the lead on the following Saturday.

2.  The following are our assignments for January:
Sunday, January 13:  Bless and Pass the Sacrament
Cleaning:  The Grove, Hwy 96 Kiosk and Old Nauvoo Cemetery
Week of
January 13
E/S Scott
The Grove
E/S Christensen/
E/S Call
Hwy 96 Kiosk
E/S Green

Please call if you have any questions or suggestions.  Thanks for all you do for the mission.  You are engaged in service to your Father In Heaven.  May your blessings be magnified and your memories be cherished.
Please let us now if you receive this email. Thank you!
Remember, use “the fleeting moments” as best you can.
E/S Scott

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