Friday, August 31, 2012

August 31, 2012

August 31, 2012:
We left Roy, Utah Tuesday and drove to Laramie, Wyoming and stayed in the Best Western Laramie Inn and Suits in a king room. It was very comfortable. I drove the whole way. Then we drove to Lincoln, Nebraska and stayed in the Best Western Crown Inn also in a king room. I love the king size bed. Willie hates them. Then we drove into Nauvoo, Illinois and stayed in our little house here. It is nice to be home, even though we were very comfortable in the room in Shanna's home. They treated us very good. We will miss everyone. It was good to see them.
This morning at 7:00 am we went to the missionary breakfast. I teased them about having a breakfast special for us coming back. Actually, they had it early because so many missionaries are going home by Wednesday.
8 couples and 1 single sister are leaving.
We went grocery shopping today after the breakfast. We are going to Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo tonight. Our cast isn't until tomorrow night, but we are going to watch the other cast perform. It is 6:24 pm right now and it starts at 7:00 pm. We will be performing tomorrow night. We are assigned in the Family Living Center tomorrow.
Have a great day tomorrow, everyone who reads this. Will be posting more pictures sometime.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 26, 2012

We had a family party yesterday at the Farr West park just below our house. Almost all of our family came, plus Linda's girls, Erin and McKinsee and her daughter and the father of her daughter. Rita's family were there except Corban. Cecil's family were there except Kaycee. Shane's family were there except Ali and Mathew. Shanna's whole family were there. Joe and Nancy were there. Walter and Katie were there but not Kali. Our kids were all there and "Da" we didn't even get a picture of our family. Oh well, God willing, next time. Hopefully there will be a next time.
We went to sacrament meeting this morning in the Farr West Ward. We are going to Rita and Wes's this afternoon to have lunch and visit with them.
Sister Gilliland sent us an email and I  answered it. Here is a copy:

Wilford Scott
12:26 PM (4 minutes ago)
to Karen
You are the wonderful ones. And don't get too comfortable, we will be back Sept. 1st. Yay!!! It's been fun seeing everyone, but we are anxious to be back in Nauvoo. Not looking forward to the long ride though.
Sister Scott

On Sun, Aug 26, 2012 at 7:23 AM, Karen Gilliland <> wrote:
You are so wonderful!  You’re not even here, and you are helping me.  Thanks!

Friday, August 24, 2012

August 24, 2012

August 24, 2012:
We went with Rita and Wes last night to the Brigham City Temple and walked through it. It is beautiful. We won't be here to see it dedicated, we are all set to leave for Nauvoo next Tuesday morning. It feels kind of bitter sweet. We are anxious to get back, and yet we have enjoyed seeing everyone and will miss them. It's strange, we haven't seen as much of Shanna as I thought we would, living right under her roof. Oh well, I guess that way, she won't be sick of us. Everyone is so busy, living their lives. That's a good thing!
Doris and Delbert Dabb got their mission call yesterday. They are going to the St. George Visitor's Center. I wouldn't mind going there. I'm so exited for them and proud of them. They are going for 23 months. That's quite a while. That's a chunk out of their everyday lives. They leave for the MTC in February, 2013.
Wow!!! 2013!!! That sounds like a long ways away and yet it is just around the corner.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 22, 2012

August 22, 2012:
It's been quite a busy day. We went and got the truck and unloaded it in Malan's back field. Then we picked up his garbage cans and came to Roy and got the weeds from the sandbox and the garbage that didn't dump out of Matt and Shanna's cans and put it in Malan's cans. Kent, Rosalyn, and Kathleen are in Idaho so she said we could use their cans. We took the weeds to the Roy dump and then took the garbage cans to Farr West and put them to be picked up tomorrow. Joe said he would bring them back in after they are empty. I put a few things in our house while Willie did the stuff with the grass and stuff. We then came and got cleaned up and went to Brigham City to meet Geri, Gary, and Bryler and ate at the Chinese place there.
We are going tomorrow to go through the Brigham City temple with Rita, Wes, Joe, and Nancy.
Talked to President Watson this morning and he gave me the fax # and information for Dr. Baranco to send a release for Willie so we can head back to Nauvoo. Then Elder Strong called this afternoon and we are set up to leave next Tuesday and be in Nauvoo on Saturday. I'm not looking forward to the drive but it will be nice to be back on our mission.
I had an interesting conversation with Kenna and Amber's friend this evening. Then I finished kicking him out so that Amber could finish her school work and such.
Willie has been down in our little room napping. We are going to read from the scriptures now and I think I will go to bed. I'm always pretty tired.

Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012:
What a long drive. Wore me right out. It was interesting though.
We stopped at Historic Winter Quarters, Council Bluffs, Iowa and saw where Willie's ancestor, Rebecca (Canada) Mangum is buried. That is a beautiful site to visit. There is a wonderful spirit there. We were so lost trying to find it. Had to ask three people how to get there. We were so close to it but couldn't see it. The people there are so helpful and friendly.
We stayed in Lincoln, Nebraska Friday night. That was a trick. The college kids and their parents were in town and we finally found "one" room to stay in. Next time, I will reserve motels across the country ahead of time. Oh well, live and learn.
We stayed in Laramie, Wyoming Saturday night. Had the same problem there with the room there. Luckily, we found "one"!!!
Sunday we went to a college ward in Laramie. The people were nice there too.
We headed for Rock Springs after we reserved a room there. :)
We stopped in Rawlins, Wyoming and went North to Matin's Cove and then back down to Rock Springs and stayed there Sunday night.
We got up Monday and Wes met us in Rock Springs and took a picture of the three of us to send to Rita via  
his cell phone. Then we drove to Roy.
What a wonderful surprise. Shanna and her family had a room all most ready for us. Shane met us in Farr West at the house and we brought my chest of drawers and the twin bed to Shanna's. Kenna is letting us use her queen bed while we are here. We are as comfortable as two bugs in a rug here. I hope we aren't bugging them too much. Amber started school today and Kenna starts next week. Matt and Kenna are fixing all sorts of stuff in their house that need fixed.
We have seen all of our children, but not all of the grandkids. We haven't seen Colby, nor Dane and his family yet. Hopefully, we will see them before we go back.
Dr. Baranko does not recommend surgery.
We went to church in the 1st ward Yesterday. It was nice to seen everyone here.
I am going to the dentist again tomorrow, went last week. This time he will do what ever needs done and we will be all set to go back to Nauvoo. Hopefully soon!!!!! Although, like I said, we are very comfortable here.
Geri is going to have eye surgery next Monday. We are hoping we will leave to head back that day our Tuesday. President Watson is finding out what is involved to get us back there. Hopefully, it's not too involved. It will be nice to have the week to rest up from the long drive here before we have to head back across the country. It's such a long drive. Did I already say that???
We've got the car at Greer's, being checked out. There are a few things we are concerned about.
I went shopping and bought me some more clothes. That's pretty crazy. I have plenty. But It will be nice to have a few different ones. Also bought me another pair of  Merrill's slip ons, only black this time.
I still carry a warm sweater where ever I go. Even though it's plenty warm out side, the air conditioning makes me freeze. There is all kinds of smoke in the air here also. Making my allergies act up worse. Lots of fires around.
Well, I think I'm kind of caught up. I hope so anyway.
I have more pictures to add, but they are in the camera in the car at Greer's Auto. So, later!!!!