Friday, August 24, 2012

August 24, 2012

August 24, 2012:
We went with Rita and Wes last night to the Brigham City Temple and walked through it. It is beautiful. We won't be here to see it dedicated, we are all set to leave for Nauvoo next Tuesday morning. It feels kind of bitter sweet. We are anxious to get back, and yet we have enjoyed seeing everyone and will miss them. It's strange, we haven't seen as much of Shanna as I thought we would, living right under her roof. Oh well, I guess that way, she won't be sick of us. Everyone is so busy, living their lives. That's a good thing!
Doris and Delbert Dabb got their mission call yesterday. They are going to the St. George Visitor's Center. I wouldn't mind going there. I'm so exited for them and proud of them. They are going for 23 months. That's quite a while. That's a chunk out of their everyday lives. They leave for the MTC in February, 2013.
Wow!!! 2013!!! That sounds like a long ways away and yet it is just around the corner.

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