Friday, August 10, 2012

August 10, 2012

August 10, 2012
Hi world!
We are heading home to Utah today. Elder Scott has to have rotary cuff surgery. It's bitter sweet. I'm excited to see everyone, but it's such a long ride. The up side is that we will be able to come back and finish our mission when he gets recuperated enough.
We are going to stop by Winter Quarters on the way and check out where Willie's 2nd great Grandmother, Rebecca Canada Mangum is buried. She and their children were in Nauvoo and she died on the way West. He has several ancestors who were in Nauvoo. Such a rich heritage. I wish we would have known when our family was growing up. But it's great to know now. I'll try to post some of the histories later. They are in word, I just have to transfer them.
Love to all and see you soon, Sister Scott
P.S. We are off the charts as of today until we can get back on our mission. We will go to our stake president and get reinstated to come back so we don't miss any of our time. Interesting, huh, Judy

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