Friday, August 3, 2012

August 2,2012

August 2, 2012:
I served in the Seventies Hall today with Sister Jensen. It was a great day. I had what we call a Nauvoo miracle happen. We had a note telling us that Brigham Young would be there 3-4 o'clock this after noon. Well, at 2:45 the alarm went off. It was beeping to beat the band, very loudly!! We couldn't figure out how to turn it off. I called the Visitor's Center and they gave me a number to call but it went to an answering service. Well, we had 10 minutes to shut that loud thing off. I called the NRI secretary and she said she would send someone out. Well, in the meantime, the water truck went buy, so I went out and ask him if he knew how to shut it off and he came in and figured it out. The brother from NRI came and said they were working on the phone lines on the corner. I remembered that a few minutes before the alarm went off, the phone had gone dead, because I tried to us it and they were dead. Thus to the miracle. I never take my cell phone to a site with me for obvious reasons. But this morning, I thought, I should take my cell phone with me. Of course, I had turned it off when the tours started coming, but there it was so I could make the necessary calls. A Nauvoo miracle!!!! I love Nauvoo.
And I love all of you.
Sister Scott

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