Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 30, 2012 Bishop Taylor's letter

Where did September go?

Brian L Taylor
5:39 PM (3 hours ago)
Dear Elder Willie and Sister Judy,

            This afternoon as I headed to my computer to begin another missive to some special missionaries, my mind went back to a special event that happened over 30 years ago.  One morning as I answered our telephone, a voice on the other end of the line announced, "Hello.  This is Elder L. Tom Perry"  I about fell off my chair.  I almost wondered if I had heard correctly.  Then he gave me a message that I shall always treasure.  It began something like this:  "I just returned from Europe, where I had the privilege of visiting with your missionary son.  I want you to know that he is in good health, working hard and enjoying his mission experience."

            How often does one get to talk on the telephone with a General Authority?  I decided that the gesture was one of the marks of a truly great man.  I am positive that you will realize my mind still clings onto the words "working hard and enjoying his mission experience."  How well those words fit together!  Today in our testimony meeting I heard three parents recite with deep feeling how their family missionary was "working so hard" and "achieving real success."  It was obvious that these parents were so proud of a missionary son that it was difficult to control their emotions.  I know the feeling.  It reminds me of another time when my  wife and I stood at the bedside of a mission president in the Netherlands where he was fighting his way back from a heart attack.  He had us close the door to his hospital room, then he asked our son to bear his testimony for our benefit.  Then that mission president told us of his deep love for our son, adding that he had worked so hard and been such an excellent missionary that the president hated to have him leave the mission.  Think of your own mission president and his concern for you and his prayers for you.

            I am sure that you frequently read in the letters from your loved ones that they are so proud of you, and their prayers go heavenward every day in your behalf.  I want you to know that someone else I know really well is including you each day in daily devotions.  Think of the hundreds of prayers that are offered by the Church authorities and by the dedicated workers in the houses of the Lord, as well as millions of families in the Church.  Many of those who pray are PLEADING for your success. Such power!

            On Friday of this past week  I was privileged to attend the new Brigham City Temple when Jeremy got his endowments.  That temple is another heavenly place.  And some of the workers are still a little bit nervous and need prompting in their assignments, but they are growing in their experience.  Every job in the Church brings its rewards to those who are willing to put forth the effort.

            Yesterday I had a surprise visit from a fellow who is about 13 years younger than I--a friend whom I had hired a few decades ago at Hill Air Force Base.  He is having 24-hour nursing care, so I know he is not well.  I had decided to phone him a few days ago after having had no contact for many years.  I learned that he had lost his companion a couple of years ago. During our conversation he mentioned how much he missed his companion, who had died two years ago.  That admission opened the door so I could ask him if he had been to the temple yet.  As expected, I got a negative answer.  That opened the door so I could urge him with deep feeling that if he would begin at once to prepare, he could be assured of being with his loved one eternally.  I explained that since my temple marriage back in 1949, I have complete assurance that my eternal sweetheart and I will be together again.  This blessing is so strong in my mind that I cannot say that I mourn my loved one's passing 3 years ago.

            Like you, I KNOW that the gospel is true.  If we give our best daily, we can be assured of "the peace that passeth understanding."

            Love, Brian

Saturday, September 29, 2012

September 29, 2012

We served at Carthage Jail yesterday. It was a nice day. The weather is really nice right now. I'm enjoying it.  We went by Keokuk after and did some grocery shopping at Walmart. We saw President and Sister McKnight at Walmart. They are going home October 11th and President and Sister Salmon are going home November 9th. They are the mission counselors. Nineteen missionaries are going home in October and fourteen are leaving in November and eleven in December. There will be 82 missionaries left as of January compared to 171 in August. Should be interesting. Elder and Sister Bartless were telling us yesterday that Jauuary and February it gets "very" slow here. This is their third mission in Nauvoo. It's Elder and Sister Ward's third mission here also. The leaves are starting to turn here. Some of the trees are very pretty. I have taken a few pictures. The camera is in the car and it's still dark out there. I'll load them later (someday). :)
Last night our new neighbors invited us over to roast marshmallows over a fire. Some temple missionaries and Elder Rogers were there also. The people have bought the Willard Richard's Home which is a Bed and Breakfast and are going to run it. They have 4 kids, 2 girls and 2 boys, one of which is a baby. A beautiful little family. They are also running the art gallery up town. I held the baby for a while until he started crying for his mother. I was glad we bought a lantern the other day and batteries for it yesterday. We thought we had batteries at the house when we bought it but we didn't. It gets pretty dark in Nauvoo with no streetlights. We drove over there but even walking from the car to the back yard would have been dark without it. It was nice of them to invite us. We enjoyed visiting with everyone. They seem like a nice little family. They came to Rendezvous Wednesday night so we had kind of met them before. I hope they can do good here and make enough to live on.
I am serving in the Wilford Woodruff Home and Elder Scott is serving in the Browning Home and Gun Shop today. Being the assistant in the Wilford Woodruff Home, I will be serving there twice a week most of the time. At least, that's what I understand.

Friday, September 28, 2012

September 28, 2012, answer about "Saints"

Yesterday Young Sister Zibetti and I served in the Scovill Bakery together. A man asked me why we call ourselves saints and I was at a loss to tell him why. Another man in the tour said anyone who believes in Christ can be called a saint. Well, I woke up this morning with that question in my brain, so I looked it up in the Bible dictionary. The definition is long: The word saint is a translation of a Greek word also rendered "holy", the fundamental idea being that of consecration or separation for a sacred purpose; but since what was set apart for God must be without blemish, the word came to mean "free from blemish", whether physical or moral. In the New Testament the saints are all those who by baptism have entered into the Christian covenant. I get asked a lot of questions I don't know the answer to. Usually, I tell the people that if there's an answer out there, they can find it on the internet or somewhere, depending on what the question is. Some questions are simply data dates or places that I don't know off the top of my head. I hope I can remember the bible dictionary as a resource next time for a question like this one.
I was telling the group about the Nauvoo Temple plates that Lucious Scovill had made on his mission to England and how the Moroni on top is sideways and was a weather vain. That same man asked "Moroni?" (only he pronounced it differently). I turned to him and told him that Moroni was a prophet in the Book of Mormon. Then I asked him if he knew about the Book of Mormon and he said "a little". I probably should of asked him to tell us what he knew but instead I said "do you want to know more?" (actually meaning more about the Book of Mormon). In the back of my brain, I was wondering if there was one there I could offer to him if he said yes, but he said "I think I'll just stick to my Catholicism." Well, that was the end of that! I finished the tour and they were off. Hopefully, someone will be a little more tactful with him. I actually felt a little more confrontational than I should have.
It was a fun day. I love serving with the YSMs. They are young enough their memories work better than mine. They are going to be missed around here very much.
Elder Scott and I are going to serve in Carthage Jail today. That's always a treat. Although  don't want to be placed out there all the time because I don't want to have to move. It's about 20 minutes from here and so we would have to move out there if we were placed there. Plus we would only serve there everyday. I guess we would get to know the tour information a little better for that one site.
Better go walk on the treadmill for a while.
Oh, they split the casts for Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo and gave them different names. We will be performing every other night now instead of every third night. We are in the Joseph cast. Elder and Sister Poulsen are in our cast this time, yay. We were hoping we would be in the same cast. There are 50 & 51 in the two new casts as of October 1st and by January there will be 41 in each cast.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 26, 2012

I served in the Wilford Woodruff Home with Young Sister Missionary Sister Petricek today. :) They received their outbound callings. She is going to South Carolina for the 6 months then they come back here for 6 months.
Here's an email about the new casts:

Illinois Nauvoo Mission-Cast Rehearse & Performances

Illinois Nauvoo Mission
10:43 AM (7 hours ago)
to undisclosed recipients
After you receive your new cast assignment take note that on Friday
you will receive your Sunday 30th Site and Rehearsal schedule.
The new Joseph cast will rehearse in the Cultural Hall from 12:30-2:30 pm.
The new Hyrum cast will rehearse in the Cultural Hall from 3:00 - 5:00 pm.

This schedule will allow time for staging and preparations for the following week's shows and time to get to your Sunday Site assignment either before or after your cast's rehearsal.

Joseph Cast will perform Rendezvous on Monday, Wednesday, Friday beginning Monday, October 1.
Hyrum Cast will perform Rendezvous on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday beginning Tuesday, October 2.

Sister Young

Sister Louise Young
Historic Nauvoo LDS Mission
PO Box 215
Nauvoo, Il 62354

Monday, September 24, 2012

Updated release dates as of September 24, 2012

Foote, Derrell & Lauralee 26-Sep-12 Allen, Richard & Diane 27-Aug-13
Starr, David & Cheryl 26-Sep-12 Brown, Diana Nicole 28-Aug-13
Olsen, Dee & Diane 3-Oct-12 Dransfield, Chelsea Ann 28-Aug-13
Pilling, Dale & Karen 3-Oct-12 Petricek, Sarah Kala 28-Aug-13
Hadley, Sheila 8-Oct-12 Umphenour, Alysha 28-Aug-13
Hall, Mark & Sharon 8-Oct-12 Zibetti, Amber 28-Aug-13
Harmer, Albert & Patsy 9-Oct-12 Call, Wayne & Mary Jean 5-Sep-13
Christensen, Tiffany 10-Oct-12 Nunn, Michael & Martha 5-Sep-13
Mitchell, Clarissa 10-Oct-12 Poulsen, Orson & Jeannette 5-Sep-13
Gustafson, Dick & Karen 11-Oct-12 Bennett, Yuri 12-Sep-13
Hardy, Douglas & Janice 11-Oct-12 Brooks, Carolyn
Madsen, Grant & Patricia 11-Oct-12 Christiansen, Karen 12-Sep-13
McKnight, J Wesley & Barbara 11-Oct-12 Elia, Leila 12-Sep-13
Young, Mike & Louise 14-Oct-12 Fowers, Charyl 12-Sep-13
Watts, Donald & Anna Joy 5-Nov-12 Harrop, Jennifer 12-Sep-13
Atkinson, Donald & Ruth 7-Nov-12 Moses, Margaret 12-Sep-13
Bartles, Stanley & Florence 7-Nov-12 Purtell, Betty 12-Sep-13
Pierce, Lorraine & Freda 7-Nov-12 Skidmore, William & Bonita 12-Sep-13
Call, Neil & Julie 9-Nov-12 Wise, Roger & Danae 12-Sep-13
Salmon, Ted & Barbara 9-Nov-12 Ripplinger, Heather 14-Sep-13
Duffin, Daryl & Bonnie 4-Dec-12 Streeter, Rebekah Lyn 14-Sep-13
Haurand, Henry & Laura 4-Dec-12 Christensen, Al & Doris 26-Sep-13
Nelson, Orrin & Jacqueline 4-Dec-12 Scott, Wilford & Judy 30-Sep-13
McBride, Stephen & Darcy 6-Dec-12 Garner, Angela Patrice 2-Oct-13
Jensen, George & Renee 2-Jan-13 Kim, Hayang 9-Oct-13
Baker, Gail 3-Jan-13 Murdoch, Richard & Ann 9-Oct-13
Endter, Kenneth & Alene 5-Mar-13 Ward, Welton & Trudy 9-Oct-13
Green, Chad & Deona 5-Mar-13 McInelly, Marin 25-Oct-13
Anderson, Scott & Caren 12-Mar-13 Brown, Connie  7-Nov-13
Johnson, Jonny & Carole 12-Mar-13 Jardine, Richard & Verlinda 7-Nov-13
Schkrohowsky, Guenter & Gloria 12-Mar-13 Knudsen, Gary & Sharon 7-Nov-13
Doman, Verl & Susan 19-Mar-13 Openshaw, Richard & Jeanne 7-Nov-13
Sims, Robert & Mary Jane 1-Apr-13 Sanders, Daniel & Patricia 7-Nov-13
Newman, Thomas & Mary 9-Apr-13 May, Larry & Robbyn 2-Jan-14
Johnson, Jack & LeeAnn 7-May-13 Miller, Gregory & Debra 23-Mar-14
Poulsen, Mark & Gretchen 7-May-13 Nicholl, Larry -
Spencer, Stephen & Mary 7-May-13 YSM's Carthage -
Grygla, Glen & Carolyn 1-Jun-13 YSM's Nauvoo -
Rogers, Earl & Pamela 1-Jun-13 Dahl, Mark & Coralee 5-Sep-13
Heaton, Karl & Joy 4-Jun-13 Gilliland, Karen
Munhoz, Sergio & Glaucia 4-Jun-13 Gilliland, Russell
Rawlings, Shirl & Judith 2-Jul-13

September 24, 2012:

 September 24, 2012:
It's our preparation day today. We went to the Nauvoo temple. What a blessing we take for granted, having a temple so close. A missionary couple going home to Utah from Florida were in the 8:00 am session with us. We had met and talked to them on our way in the temple. When she came into the celestial room, she was crying. I was right there and we hugged and she said, "It's been a long time since we have been in the temple". The mission boundaries for their mission didn't include a temple and they weren't supposed to go outside of them. I didn't think to ask how long their mission had been. It must have been a couple of years.  He had told us the humidity there is terrible and they probably won't be visiting there again. Although it was a privilege to serve there he said. He said the few feet we walked into the Nauvoo temple would have left them soaking wet from the humidity there. Yuck! I know Geri said the humidity was so bad she could hardly breath when her and Gary went to Florida one time.
There were four young sister missionaries in the session also. The room was jam packed. Unusual for the  Nauvoo temple when we've been there before. Of course, we only went twice in the five months we were here before going home in August for those three weeks. It might have been busier in the summer months. We have been trying to go once a week since we got back. It has been wonderful.
We then went to Keokuk and did our shopping for the week and got flue shots. Fun! Fun!
I think they are testing us to see if we can stand each other. We have been together every day starting Friday and we serve together in the Nauvoo Visitor's Center again tomorrow. It's great,  I love it.
I have to start eating different or not so much or something. I've gained more than 10 pounds lately. We had dinner with our district last night at our meeting. That didn't help! I gained 3 pounds over night! It's frustrating!!! If I keep gaining, I won't be able to get into my site dresses and they will have to make me bigger ones!!!
Oh! On the way home from shopping, along the Mississippi road, we had a doe and her fawn go right across the road in front of us. Elder Scott had slowed down because he saw the doe. Good thing, because the fawn came right behind her across in front of us. He would have hit one or the other or both if he wouldn't have slowed down.
Well, we should read and study for awhile. Then it will be time to go to bed. I need to get more diligent in studying Preach My Gospel. There are a lot of people coming and calling on the phone to find out about the gospel because of Romney running for president and I feel the need to be more prepared to help them. It doesn't seem to hard when I'm face to face with them, but over the phone freaks me out. I hope I will get more used to it. Friday at the Nauvoo Visitor's Center a man called and I wasn't sure where to start and ended up getting one of the Young Sister Missionaries to talk to him. They have been manning the call center all summer so they are used to it. It was good though because he was only 18 and I feel like he could relate to her more than me. But, they are going to be going out-bound, so it's called, in about 2 weeks and won't be here to fall back on. They come in the summer for 6 months and then go out some where else for 6 months and then come back here for 6 months of their missions. They are getting nervous about leaving Nauvoo and our protective care. We are nervous about letting them go also. But they will do great. We'll miss them. We already miss all the missionaries who have left, especially the young people. It will be harder not to get homesick with all the young ones gone, I'm sure. They are like grand children to us. 

email/letter from Bishop Brian Taylor, September 24, 2012

 September 24, 2012: It's such a privilege to receive letters from Bishop Brian Taylor. Here's a copy for you to enjoy.

Brian L Taylor
6:38 PM (21 hours ago)
to me
Dear Elder and Sister Scott,
What a wonderfully spiritual day! Being able to witness the dedication of the new Brigham City Temple made this a rewarding and uplifting day for me. I was deeply touched to see that Elder Boyd K Packer was accorded the honor of conducting the meeting, since he is a native of Brigham City. I was rather surprised to learn that Pres. Packer was not aware of plans to have a temple in his home town until Pres. Monson first mentioned those plans in general conference. Perhaps preliminary plans were kept from his knowledge as a special surprise--and what a thrilling one that would be for a lifetime servant of the Lord!
I have been so deeply moved to realize how extensive the planning has been for this special event. The Church has pulled out all the stops to make this a rewarding experience for LDS members and a missionary tool to encourage seekers after truth to find it. And in our own stake we were given a beautiful laminated bookmark for the occasion--perhaps the gift from our missionary-minded stake president, for a similar one was presented to those who attended out stake house dedication. I will include a picture of both sides of the bookmark--then leave it up to you to print off if you care to. This will be anotherdeeply-prized possession of mine.
Jeremy was especially excited to be a part of today's program, since he has an appointment to go to that temple to receive his endowments next Friday. I am not surprised to hear that reservations to attend that temple are booked solidly through the end of this year. I'm sure they have made special allowances for accommodating missionaries along the way.
I was just wondering how many missionary referrals were turned in during the open house at the temple. I mentioned to you previously how deeply moved I was when we were allowed to tour the building and grounds. What a heavenly place!
My mind goes back to the sacrifice some of my progenitors made to obtain the blessings of the temple. And even their great sacrifice cannot be compared to some of the good saints during the history of the Church who have sold practically all their earthly possessions to travel to the nearest temple. They sought those eternal covenants that could be obtained only in specially dedicated places--the LORD'S house.I just recalled that in my day we missionaries first visited the temple as a part of our MTC visit, and our parents were not allowed to travel to Salt Lake City to be with us. How grateful you should be to live in this day when so many wonderful changes have been made. Temple blessings spell FAMILY.
For some reason my scanner is balking. I got the picture of both sides of the bookimark copied onto my master copy of this letter, but no picture appeared when I copied the letter to G-mail. And I am not smart enough to resolve this one. Just believe me it is treasure that I will always enjoy.
Love to you, Brian

Sunday, September 23, 2012

pictures from August 31 to September 10, 2012

part of Sister Hadley's talk

Elders & Sisters,
Many have asked for a copy of this and I can’t remember who you were so you are all getting it. 
Your love and friendship have been wonderful blessings. Thank you.
                                                                                    Love, Sister Hadley

As Latter-day Saints, we are practically obsessed with anxiously engaging ourselves in good causes.  Maybe it’s subliminal.
Glancing through the hymnal last Sunday I noted that we who are called to serve are all enlisted to go marching, marching forward because the world has need of willing men to all press on scattering sunshine.  We wonder if we have done any good in the world today because we have been given much and want to do what is right, and put our shoulders to the wheel going where He wants us to go.  However, as the morning breaks high on the mountain top, truth reflects upon our senses, and while we still believe that sweet is the work, we also realize that we have work  enough to do ere the sun goes down.  And thus we ask Thee ere we part, where can we turn for peace?
 (Author unknown)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Email from Sister Titus of the Nauvoo YPM's, 2012

Email from Sister Titus of the Nauvoo YPM's, 2012
Hello everyone it's YPM Sister Titus!
I just wanted to let you all know my addresses for my mission I report on wednesday. I will be in the MTC for 1 month 

My MTC Address

Sister Madison Janine Titus
MTC Mailbox # 159
SC-COLU 1008
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

My Mission Address
Sister Madison Janine Titus
South Carolina Columbia Mission
110 Oak Park Dr Ste B
Irmo, SC 29063
United States

Mission email
I may not be able to respond via email but believe I can get emails from anyone:)

here are a few pictures of me to remind you all who I am:)
I love love love you all,

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Release dates as of August, 2012

Here are the Release Dates as of August, 2012
Register, Susan 18-Aug-12 Schkrohowsky, Guenter & Gloria 12-Mar-13
Morgan, Vernon &Carol 29-Aug-12 Doman, Verl & Susan 19-Mar-13
Daybell, Jon & Judy 3-Sep-12 Newman, Thomas & Mary 9-Apr-13
Creamer, Yvonne 4-Sep-12 Johnson, Jack & LeeAnn 7-May-13
Meier, Jerome & Pamela 4-Sep-12 Poulsen, Mark & Gretchen 7-May-13
Anderson, Greg & Terry 5-Sep-12 Spencer, Stephen & Mary 7-May-13
Bird, Robert & Patricia 5-Sep-12 Grygla, Glen & Carolyn 1-Jun-13
Champneys, Gordon & Peggy 5-Sep-12 Rogers, Earl & Pamela 1-Jun-13
Gibson, Richard & Carolyn 5-Sep-12 Heaton, Karl & Joy 4-Jun-13
Heaton, Melvin & Rosemary 5-Sep-12 Munhoz, Sergio & Maria 4-Jun-13
Lyman, Joseph & Sylvia 5-Sep-12 Rawlings, Shirl & Judith 2-Jul-13
Nemeck, Paul & Lois 5-Sep-12 Brown, Diana Nicole 28-Aug-13
Wasson, Albertus & Kristine 5-Sep-12 Dransfield, Chelsea Ann 28-Aug-13
Aulestia, James & Susan 12-Sep-12 Petricek, Sarah Kala 28-Aug-13
Campbell, Douglas & Deborah 12-Sep-12 Umphenour, Alysha 28-Aug-13
Cragun, Leslie & Raine 12-Sep-12 Zibetti, Amber 28-Aug-13
Halford, Harold & Mary Ann 12-Sep-12 Call, Wayne & Mary Jean 5-Sep-13
Hanson, Lorine 12-Sep-12 Hoopes, Tex Lee & Karen 5-Sep-13
King, Dennis & Cherie Ann 12-Sep-12 Nunn, Michael & Martha 5-Sep-13
Speirs, Owen & Claire 13-Sep-12 Poulsen, Orson & Jeannette 5-Sep-13
Holmstead, Randy & Janene 14-Sep-12 Scott, Wilford & Judy 5-Sep-13
Starr, David & Cheryl 26-Sep-12 Bennett, Yuri 12-Sep-13
Foote, Derrell & Lauralee 4-Oct-12 Brooks, Carolyn 12-Sep-13
Harmer, Albert & Patsy 9-Oct-12 Christiansen, Karen 12-Sep-13
Pilling, Dale & Karen 9-Oct-12 Elia, Leila 12-Sep-13
Christensen, Tiffany 10-Oct-12 Fowers, Charyl 12-Sep-13
Mitchell, Clarissa 10-Oct-12 Harrop, Jennifer 12-Sep-13
Gustafson, Dick & Karen 11-Oct-12 Moses, Margaret 12-Sep-13
Hadley, Sheila 11-Oct-12 Purtell, Betty 12-Sep-13
Hardy, Douglas & Janice 11-Oct-12 Skidmore, William & Bonita 12-Sep-13
Madsen, Grant & Patricia 11-Oct-12 Wise, Roger & Danae 12-Sep-13
McKnight, J Wesley & Barbara 11-Oct-12 Ripplinger, Heather 14-Sep-13
Olsen, Dee & Diane 11-Oct-12 Streeter, Rebekah Lyn 14-Sep-13
Young, Mike & Louise 14-Oct-12 Christensen, Al & Doris 26-Sep-13
Atkinson, Donald & Ruth 7-Nov-12 Garner, Angela Patrice 2-Oct-13
Bartles, Stanley & Florence 7-Nov-12 Kim, Hayang 9-Oct-13
Hall, Mark & Sharon 7-Nov-12 Murdoch, Richard & Ann 9-Oct-13
Pierce, Lorraine & Freda 7-Nov-12 Ward, Welton & Trudy 9-Oct-13
Call, Neil & Julie 9-Nov-12 McInelly, Marin 25-Oct-13
Salmon, Ted & Barbara 9-Nov-12 Brown, Connie  7-Nov-13
Watts, Donald & Anna Joy 9-Nov-12 Jardine, Richard & Verlinda 7-Nov-13
Duffin, Daryl & Bonnie 4-Dec-12 Knudsen, Gary & Sharon 7-Nov-13
Haurand, Henry & Laura 4-Dec-12 Openshaw, Richard & Jeanne 7-Nov-13
Nelson, Orrin & Jacqueline 4-Dec-12 Sanders, Daniel & Patricia 7-Nov-13
McBride, Stephen & Darcy 6-Dec-12 May, Larry & Robbyn 2-Jan-14
Sims, Robert & Mary Jane 12-Dec-12 Miller, Gregory & Debra 23-Mar-14
Baker, Gail 17-Dec-12 Nicholl, Larry -
Jensen, George & Renee 2-Jan-13 YSM's Carthage -
Endter, Kenneth & Alene 5-Mar-13 YSM's Nauvoo -
Green, Chad & Deona 5-Mar-13 Dahl, Mark & Coralee 5-Sep-13
Anderson, Scott & Caren 12-Mar-13 Gilliland, Karen
Johnson, Jonny & Carole 12-Mar-13 Gilliland, Russell

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 18, 2012

September 18, 2012:
Yesterday was our preparation day. We had training meeting at 7:30 am. Brother and Sister Choi from the Seventies gave the training. I didn't go because I wasn't feeling well but Elder Scott went and they talked about how a husband should treat his wife. So that worked out good. Then we went to the temple and did an endowment. Brother and Sister Forsberg from Farr West were there. They are visiting for a day or two. Then we went in to Dr./Elder Miller and he gave me an antibiotic. Hope it works. He said he is writing a talk to send home or something and the two Elders he is talking about in it are Elder Christensen and Elder Scott. About how he is amazed that they are here on missions. Then we went to Keokuk and Montrose, Iowa to shop for food. We buy our meat at Dave's meat market in Montrose because I don't like Walmart's meat. Montrose is a little town right across the Mississippi River to the west.
This morning we had training meeting at 7:30 am again. It was very good. Elder Choi talked again. He talked about our families and how they will receive blessings because we are serving a mission. How families are a major part of God's plan for our happiness and how much joy we can get from living the commandments. How we are spirit children of our Heavenly Father and how much he wants us to have peace and joy in our lives and in eternity. How the scriptures can help us find that peace and joy.
Elder Scott served at the Print shop today with Elder Ward and I served in the Seventies Hall with
Sister Christensen. We only had to tours so we both got a lot of sewing done. I was chroteting and she was making a rag purse. Elder Christensen has LAS and yet they are out here on a mission serving. They are amazing to me. So much faith. I pray every day that he can have the strength to complete his mission.

Monday, September 17, 2012

email from Sister Young on September 15, 2012

I just found this email to the Lucy Mack cast and want to save it:

Louise Young
Sep 15 (2 days ago)
to TIMdorischristens.ddeeolsenknudsengmarksharonhallearlsmulespoulsen3bonitabshankspeakpaul_leilal.j.johnson39watts.da.ajmaryfrancesnew.yahooty_dstarrs007kchristiansen5rkmarmgail221940bestbynunnbettypurtellrobbynmaytsbs26me
Dear Lucy! 
Forgive me for not getting to the green room.  I missed talking to you before the show but thanks to Sis Newman all went well and the show was superb!  Compliments from other cast members, guests and temple missionaries confirmed it was so and they were an excellent audience.  The Herbold's are back to do a service mission for about 3 months...they left in March!  They were very impressed with the show and he used to be the Editor and a very good one.

I so appreciate how all of you step up to the plate and support one another and just do what needs to be done.  Welcome back Starr's for a couple of weeks we will absorb all we can before your finale! 

The only thing we could've done better tonight was Little Town was kind of dragging and lifeless.  The spacing was good and 5 men on both sides for willingly made me happy! 
Goodnight...sleep tight....

September 17, 2012, Bishop Brian Taylor letter

Here's another letter from Bishop Brian Taylor. He called it "the next installment".

September 17, 2012:
Brian L Taylor <>Sun, Sep 16, 2012 at 7:36 PM
To: Wilford Scott <>

Dear Elder and Sister Scott,

            This afternoon I feel as if I have had a Thanksgiving treat--in a spiritual way.  The day got started beautifully with our 7 A.M. high priests' meeting.  Jeff Chadwick, associate professor of ancient scripture at BYU and full professor at the Church Jerusalem Center, gave us a wake-up call.  First he let us know that we ARE a peculiar people (in a wonderful way), and next, we CAN exert a powerful influence through practicing what we know.

            Our other meetings in the block were equally inspiring.  With all that spiritual food, our batteries really got re-charged.

            One day last week I turned on TV to watch the BYU devotional in which Pres. Merrill Bateman and his wife were the speakers.  I'd like to share with you some of their ideas that appealed to me.

            We each have only one lifetime to prove our worthiness for eternal blessings.  I'll add, "Aren't you thrilled to be enjoying the best two years of your life--thus far!"

            The Church has made me what I am.  We are all "converts" who have found the right path to eternal happiness; knowing the           right formula, we ought to make intelligent choices to attain eternal bliss.  We ARE NOW on the right path!

            I am SO rich!  I have received--

                        1.  The gift of love--isn't it wonderful!  Reflect upon this idea.

                        2.  We're blessed to live in the last--and best--dispensation.

                        3.  Wonderful parents--good role models.  Even though they're both gone, I still feel their righteous influence.

                        4.  I have an eternal companion (you can look forward to this) and some eternal promises that are so wonderful that I can't comprehend all of that "package."

                        5. I have already received such special gifts (are WE gift-givers?)

            The story was told of a non-LDS family who moved to another city.  They had been so impressed by LDS member-neighbors that they searched for some LDS leaders or members in their new city.  (Wouldn't you love to find such a family of investigators!)

These searchers were positive that they would recognize any LDS because of their "light."

            We're living under the Abrahamic Covenant--such blessings!

                        We have a correct understanding of God's nature.

                        BYU has students from 100 nations!  Consider how those nations will be blessed because of the choice these students have made.

                        Blessing of covenants--we're considered a priceless treasure.

                        The valedictorian of a California high school chose to come to BYU rather than listen to advice of teachers  recommending some other notable centers of learning.

             Re-read D&C 130:20-21.  That passage does not segregate spiritual from temporal.  This scripture is worthy of intense study.  What DO you want most in life?  Be careful what you pray for.  You might get it. I remember that at one point in one of my missions I prayed to be chosen for a position--I guess it was because of the recognition.  I was chosen for the assignment, and it brought untold blessings, but it included one experience that is the most negative memory of my missions.

            The above thoughts may be a bit rambling, but they have brought me many pleasant moments this week.  I pray that they will do something special for you.

            Love, Brian

Wilford Scott <>Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 8:08 AM
To: Brian L Taylor <>
Thank you Bishop Taylor. You always inspire me. This week we had the privilege of spending some time with another Bishop Taylor and his dear wife, from Farr West, here in Nauvoo. Bishop Sheldon and Suzanne Taylor were here for a couple of days. They took us out to eat and we visited for a while. It's always nice to see and hear from people we now and love from home.
Thanks again and keep up the good work,
Sister Scott  

Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14, 2012

Here's an email from Sister Young. She's the director of Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo.
Dear Lucy Cast:
You put on an excellent show tonight....many guest not belonging to our church were there and very impressed.  Sorry I took the time talking rather than singing...sometimes the needs require that.  Thank you for your willingly participation "because you want to" ! I put this attachment in most of your mail boxes and we will continue to work on these details for the next couple of weeks so that when we go into two casts Oct 1 we will be 'stronger and superber' than we already are! My goal for us is to just keep having fun and doing the best we are capable of.
 Sis Young

Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 13, 2012

September 13, 2012:
We went to Rendezvous last night and what a surprise. Bishop Sheldon and Suzanne Taylor were there. We knew they were coming because they had talked to us at home and called us last week, but we thought we would see them this evening.
We are going out to eat or something with them tonight. They are not staying in Nauvoo very long. Possibly only today. They said they are going to the temple this morning.
Elder Scott is scheduled to serve in the Browning Gun Home and Shop today. I am scheduled in the Lyon Drug and Variety Store. Haven't been there for quite a while, should be interesting. Of course, because of going home for 3 weeks, that is true of most sites. It's terrible how fast I forget. Must be getting old :). Or must have already got old!
I guess our borders (Gibsons) are leaving for home tomorrow. Then we will be all alone in our little house. Five couples and one single sister missionary left yesterday. That makes 39 people leaving since last week, counting Elder and Sister Hoopes (he had to go home for chemotherapy for bone cancer).
It is cloudy today and the wind is blowing; not hard though. Hope it rains.
Well, better go study the script for Lyon Drug.
This evening we had a treat. We went out to eat with Sheldon and Suzanne. It was so nice to see and visit with them. I ate way too much but it was good food.
The Gibsons came down and used our internet tonight. He couldn't get on it upstairs and wanted to check out the weather. They gave us their left over food.
I served with Sister Rawlings today. It was nice to get to know her a little. We haven't served together before. Elder Rawlings is painting in the homes and stuff for Facilities Management.
Better go read and go to bed.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2012

September 11, 2012:
It was our preperation day yesterday. We drove over to Milton, Iowa, just past Cantrill, Iowa. In Cantrill, most of the people are Menenites. In Milton, there are a some Omish folks. We went to the Milton Country Store and bought Elder Scott a new straw hat. They were only $4.00 each so we bought 3 of them. We then drove down to Memphis, Missouri and back around to Keokuk, Iowa and Nauvoo, Illinois. When we were in Milton, we were only 14 miles from Memphis, Missouri. They are all little tiny towns out that way and a lot of country. It was the first time we have been in Missouri. I called Wes and told him and he got all exited. He was raised in Missouri and his mom and some of his other family are there. But we were in the very North East corner of Missouri and they live in the South West corner. So we were a long ways from them; a long ways.
It was a nice day though. Hardly any traffic and the roads, although small two lane roads, were good roads.
We are scheduled to go over to Carthage Jail today to serve. It should be interesting. We haven't served there since the first of our mission. I hope I can remember the information for the tour.
Had a nice day at Carthage Jail. Just got a email from E/S Rogers that speaks for itself. Not good news. Here's a copy::

Dear March 5, 2012 Teamsters,
     For all of you teamsters in our group who just went home, I thought you would like to know about some sad news regarding one of our group.  We learned today that Elder Tex Hoopes was told yesterday that he will need to return home to undergo chemotherapy for bone cancer.  I am sure that your expressions of love and support will be appreciated by them.  I have included them as recipients in this email so that you may contact them by email.
     Elder Hoopes, what a great missionary and "editor" you are.  Our love goes out to you and Sister Hoopes and please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.  You are family to us.  We wish you a speedy recovery.
- Love, Elder and Sister Rogers

Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 9, 2012, Brian's letter to us

Here's a letter from Brian Taylor. He is always an inspiration to me.
Brian L Taylor
5:38 PM (51 minutes ago)
to me
Dear Elder and Sister Scott,
            I attended a meeting this morning where another great-grandchild was blessed, which makes me astounded at the rate the next generation is growing.  I may have mentioned previously to some of you that I have 28 grandchildren and by the end of this year will have an equal number of greats.  I look around the group and I marvel how mature these youngsters look and act.  I know that the Lord has a special mission for each one--as He does for all our LDS youth.  I contrast the program of the Church now as compared with my earlier years, and I marvel at the improvement!  I almost wish I could plan to be around for a few more decades to witness rapid growth and improvement that are sure to come.  That blessed process will be your pleasure to enjoy.
            These thoughts made me turn to the writings of a recent author, whose ideas are most uplifting.  He referenced the writings of President Lorenzo Snow over a century ago, as follows:  "My hopes in reference to the future life are supremely grand and glorious, and I try to keep these prospects bright continually, and that is the privilege and duty of  every Latter-day Saint.  I suppose I am talking now to some Latter-day Saints that have been sorely tried and they have thought sometimes, perhaps like the Savior felt, that He had no friends, that His friends had all gone; and everything was going wrong, and everything was disagreeable, and His circumstances were continuing to get worse. . .We know that in the future after we have passed through this life, we will then have our wives and our children with us.  We will have our bodies fortified, made free from every sickness and distress, and rendered most beautiful.  There is noting more beautiful to look upon than a resurrected man or woman. . .There is no Latter-day Saint within the sound of my voice but certainly has this prospect of coming forth in the morning of the first resurrection and being glorified, exalted in the presence of God, having the privilege of talking with our Father as we talk with our earthly father."
            I was just contrasting these very clear, understandable expressions with those which I had heard from members of other faiths in days gone by.  I remember talking to a man while on my first mission who claimed to be a Christadelphian.  He obviously did not believe many of the teachings we find in the Bible, for he claimed that when we die, our bodies are placed in the grave and that is the END.  I also call to mind some of the so-called Christians who still believe that the righteous who die will go to heaven, where they will be playing harps eternally.  What a condemnation!  I love harp music, but not eternally.  Some of you have been able to witness an LDS marriage in the temples of the Lord.  Those eternal contracts are simply wonderful, understandable, and motivating!
            We will soon be enjoying another general conference, where the Brethren will be giving us inspired messages that the Lord wants us to digest and apply.  I trust that we will each listen with both ears--and our heart.  Several years ago I heard the story of a missionary who had been telling a listener that we believe in continuous revelation.  When the listener asked how those revelations were passed on to members of the Church, the missionary cited the fact that messages are printed in the church magazines for all members to read.  The listener then inquired, "What revelations came in the most recent magazine?"  The missionary then sheepishly confessed that he had not read it.  In these days when our people need spiritual direction so very much, I can only hope that all of us will READ or LISTEN and OBEY.
            May the Lord bless you with a rewarding week!
            Love, Brian