Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012:

 September 24, 2012:
It's our preparation day today. We went to the Nauvoo temple. What a blessing we take for granted, having a temple so close. A missionary couple going home to Utah from Florida were in the 8:00 am session with us. We had met and talked to them on our way in the temple. When she came into the celestial room, she was crying. I was right there and we hugged and she said, "It's been a long time since we have been in the temple". The mission boundaries for their mission didn't include a temple and they weren't supposed to go outside of them. I didn't think to ask how long their mission had been. It must have been a couple of years.  He had told us the humidity there is terrible and they probably won't be visiting there again. Although it was a privilege to serve there he said. He said the few feet we walked into the Nauvoo temple would have left them soaking wet from the humidity there. Yuck! I know Geri said the humidity was so bad she could hardly breath when her and Gary went to Florida one time.
There were four young sister missionaries in the session also. The room was jam packed. Unusual for the  Nauvoo temple when we've been there before. Of course, we only went twice in the five months we were here before going home in August for those three weeks. It might have been busier in the summer months. We have been trying to go once a week since we got back. It has been wonderful.
We then went to Keokuk and did our shopping for the week and got flue shots. Fun! Fun!
I think they are testing us to see if we can stand each other. We have been together every day starting Friday and we serve together in the Nauvoo Visitor's Center again tomorrow. It's great,  I love it.
I have to start eating different or not so much or something. I've gained more than 10 pounds lately. We had dinner with our district last night at our meeting. That didn't help! I gained 3 pounds over night! It's frustrating!!! If I keep gaining, I won't be able to get into my site dresses and they will have to make me bigger ones!!!
Oh! On the way home from shopping, along the Mississippi road, we had a doe and her fawn go right across the road in front of us. Elder Scott had slowed down because he saw the doe. Good thing, because the fawn came right behind her across in front of us. He would have hit one or the other or both if he wouldn't have slowed down.
Well, we should read and study for awhile. Then it will be time to go to bed. I need to get more diligent in studying Preach My Gospel. There are a lot of people coming and calling on the phone to find out about the gospel because of Romney running for president and I feel the need to be more prepared to help them. It doesn't seem to hard when I'm face to face with them, but over the phone freaks me out. I hope I will get more used to it. Friday at the Nauvoo Visitor's Center a man called and I wasn't sure where to start and ended up getting one of the Young Sister Missionaries to talk to him. They have been manning the call center all summer so they are used to it. It was good though because he was only 18 and I feel like he could relate to her more than me. But, they are going to be going out-bound, so it's called, in about 2 weeks and won't be here to fall back on. They come in the summer for 6 months and then go out some where else for 6 months and then come back here for 6 months of their missions. They are getting nervous about leaving Nauvoo and our protective care. We are nervous about letting them go also. But they will do great. We'll miss them. We already miss all the missionaries who have left, especially the young people. It will be harder not to get homesick with all the young ones gone, I'm sure. They are like grand children to us. 

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