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September 17, 2012, Bishop Brian Taylor letter

Here's another letter from Bishop Brian Taylor. He called it "the next installment".

September 17, 2012:
Brian L Taylor <>Sun, Sep 16, 2012 at 7:36 PM
To: Wilford Scott <>

Dear Elder and Sister Scott,

            This afternoon I feel as if I have had a Thanksgiving treat--in a spiritual way.  The day got started beautifully with our 7 A.M. high priests' meeting.  Jeff Chadwick, associate professor of ancient scripture at BYU and full professor at the Church Jerusalem Center, gave us a wake-up call.  First he let us know that we ARE a peculiar people (in a wonderful way), and next, we CAN exert a powerful influence through practicing what we know.

            Our other meetings in the block were equally inspiring.  With all that spiritual food, our batteries really got re-charged.

            One day last week I turned on TV to watch the BYU devotional in which Pres. Merrill Bateman and his wife were the speakers.  I'd like to share with you some of their ideas that appealed to me.

            We each have only one lifetime to prove our worthiness for eternal blessings.  I'll add, "Aren't you thrilled to be enjoying the best two years of your life--thus far!"

            The Church has made me what I am.  We are all "converts" who have found the right path to eternal happiness; knowing the           right formula, we ought to make intelligent choices to attain eternal bliss.  We ARE NOW on the right path!

            I am SO rich!  I have received--

                        1.  The gift of love--isn't it wonderful!  Reflect upon this idea.

                        2.  We're blessed to live in the last--and best--dispensation.

                        3.  Wonderful parents--good role models.  Even though they're both gone, I still feel their righteous influence.

                        4.  I have an eternal companion (you can look forward to this) and some eternal promises that are so wonderful that I can't comprehend all of that "package."

                        5. I have already received such special gifts (are WE gift-givers?)

            The story was told of a non-LDS family who moved to another city.  They had been so impressed by LDS member-neighbors that they searched for some LDS leaders or members in their new city.  (Wouldn't you love to find such a family of investigators!)

These searchers were positive that they would recognize any LDS because of their "light."

            We're living under the Abrahamic Covenant--such blessings!

                        We have a correct understanding of God's nature.

                        BYU has students from 100 nations!  Consider how those nations will be blessed because of the choice these students have made.

                        Blessing of covenants--we're considered a priceless treasure.

                        The valedictorian of a California high school chose to come to BYU rather than listen to advice of teachers  recommending some other notable centers of learning.

             Re-read D&C 130:20-21.  That passage does not segregate spiritual from temporal.  This scripture is worthy of intense study.  What DO you want most in life?  Be careful what you pray for.  You might get it. I remember that at one point in one of my missions I prayed to be chosen for a position--I guess it was because of the recognition.  I was chosen for the assignment, and it brought untold blessings, but it included one experience that is the most negative memory of my missions.

            The above thoughts may be a bit rambling, but they have brought me many pleasant moments this week.  I pray that they will do something special for you.

            Love, Brian

Wilford Scott <>Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 8:08 AM
To: Brian L Taylor <>
Thank you Bishop Taylor. You always inspire me. This week we had the privilege of spending some time with another Bishop Taylor and his dear wife, from Farr West, here in Nauvoo. Bishop Sheldon and Suzanne Taylor were here for a couple of days. They took us out to eat and we visited for a while. It's always nice to see and hear from people we now and love from home.
Thanks again and keep up the good work,
Sister Scott  

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