Monday, September 24, 2012

email/letter from Bishop Brian Taylor, September 24, 2012

 September 24, 2012: It's such a privilege to receive letters from Bishop Brian Taylor. Here's a copy for you to enjoy.

Brian L Taylor
6:38 PM (21 hours ago)
to me
Dear Elder and Sister Scott,
What a wonderfully spiritual day! Being able to witness the dedication of the new Brigham City Temple made this a rewarding and uplifting day for me. I was deeply touched to see that Elder Boyd K Packer was accorded the honor of conducting the meeting, since he is a native of Brigham City. I was rather surprised to learn that Pres. Packer was not aware of plans to have a temple in his home town until Pres. Monson first mentioned those plans in general conference. Perhaps preliminary plans were kept from his knowledge as a special surprise--and what a thrilling one that would be for a lifetime servant of the Lord!
I have been so deeply moved to realize how extensive the planning has been for this special event. The Church has pulled out all the stops to make this a rewarding experience for LDS members and a missionary tool to encourage seekers after truth to find it. And in our own stake we were given a beautiful laminated bookmark for the occasion--perhaps the gift from our missionary-minded stake president, for a similar one was presented to those who attended out stake house dedication. I will include a picture of both sides of the bookmark--then leave it up to you to print off if you care to. This will be anotherdeeply-prized possession of mine.
Jeremy was especially excited to be a part of today's program, since he has an appointment to go to that temple to receive his endowments next Friday. I am not surprised to hear that reservations to attend that temple are booked solidly through the end of this year. I'm sure they have made special allowances for accommodating missionaries along the way.
I was just wondering how many missionary referrals were turned in during the open house at the temple. I mentioned to you previously how deeply moved I was when we were allowed to tour the building and grounds. What a heavenly place!
My mind goes back to the sacrifice some of my progenitors made to obtain the blessings of the temple. And even their great sacrifice cannot be compared to some of the good saints during the history of the Church who have sold practically all their earthly possessions to travel to the nearest temple. They sought those eternal covenants that could be obtained only in specially dedicated places--the LORD'S house.I just recalled that in my day we missionaries first visited the temple as a part of our MTC visit, and our parents were not allowed to travel to Salt Lake City to be with us. How grateful you should be to live in this day when so many wonderful changes have been made. Temple blessings spell FAMILY.
For some reason my scanner is balking. I got the picture of both sides of the bookimark copied onto my master copy of this letter, but no picture appeared when I copied the letter to G-mail. And I am not smart enough to resolve this one. Just believe me it is treasure that I will always enjoy.
Love to you, Brian

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