Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2012

September 11, 2012:
It was our preperation day yesterday. We drove over to Milton, Iowa, just past Cantrill, Iowa. In Cantrill, most of the people are Menenites. In Milton, there are a some Omish folks. We went to the Milton Country Store and bought Elder Scott a new straw hat. They were only $4.00 each so we bought 3 of them. We then drove down to Memphis, Missouri and back around to Keokuk, Iowa and Nauvoo, Illinois. When we were in Milton, we were only 14 miles from Memphis, Missouri. They are all little tiny towns out that way and a lot of country. It was the first time we have been in Missouri. I called Wes and told him and he got all exited. He was raised in Missouri and his mom and some of his other family are there. But we were in the very North East corner of Missouri and they live in the South West corner. So we were a long ways from them; a long ways.
It was a nice day though. Hardly any traffic and the roads, although small two lane roads, were good roads.
We are scheduled to go over to Carthage Jail today to serve. It should be interesting. We haven't served there since the first of our mission. I hope I can remember the information for the tour.
Had a nice day at Carthage Jail. Just got a email from E/S Rogers that speaks for itself. Not good news. Here's a copy::

Dear March 5, 2012 Teamsters,
     For all of you teamsters in our group who just went home, I thought you would like to know about some sad news regarding one of our group.  We learned today that Elder Tex Hoopes was told yesterday that he will need to return home to undergo chemotherapy for bone cancer.  I am sure that your expressions of love and support will be appreciated by them.  I have included them as recipients in this email so that you may contact them by email.
     Elder Hoopes, what a great missionary and "editor" you are.  Our love goes out to you and Sister Hoopes and please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.  You are family to us.  We wish you a speedy recovery.
- Love, Elder and Sister Rogers

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