Friday, April 13, 2012

catch-up, April 10,2012:
We had missionary training this morning. They announced that some school class tours would be coming and that we cannot teach religious things to them, only history. I understand why this has to be (because of the law) and yet my spirit cries "Why! I don't understand!!!!!" I kind of hope I don't have to give any of them. I mean, the spirit is so strong here, it will be hard to ignore it. Maybe, the spirit will help me to obey the law. We do believe in honoring and obeying the law, so hopefully that should help. Boy, Satan is so powerful, it's scary.
Well, love you all. Good night. Sister Scott
catch-up cont.:
It was our preparation day this day, we have Tuesdays for now. We went down to Keokuk and ate out (not a good idea, I gained :( #.) We shopped at Walmart for food and various other items. We then went back through Nauvoo, dropped off the groceries and went over the Mississippi the other way to Fort Madison to Shop-Ko, (Elder Scott was looking for some more black socks). He didn't find any to his satisfaction. We'll probably go to Burlington sometime, they have a mall, I guess.
We were going to go to the variety show that night but ended up talking to Shane, Shanna, Walter, Gary, and Geri instead. We enjoyed that. Geri had her surgery today. She ended up going home the next day and is doing fine last I talked to her. I need to call and see how she's doing again. I hope it works good and will improve her health some. Walter helped me get the internet back up and running again. Thanks Walter! :) I needed one of our guru's!!
Oh!! We saw a wild turkey on our way home from Fort Madison. It was so cool. It was a beautiful turkey. I didn't get a picture because it flew across the road and then back in the trees when we turned around to try to get one. It was in a kind of revene off to the side of the road. Of course, it was on Elder Scott's side when we passed it and then flew to his side again when we turned around and went back for a picture. Murphy's law, ya' know!!!

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