Thursday, April 19, 2012

catch-up, April 17, 2012:
Thank goodness for preparation days, even though we have training meeting at 8:00 am and have to be at Rendezvous at Old Nauvoo to perform at 6:30 pm.
We had a ball today. Yesterday, I was serving in the John Taylor Home and Elder Scott was serving in the Tinshop. The other sisters and I were talking away and I heard the wagon and it caught my eye out the window of the door, so I ran to the door to go outside and wave. We get to go out and wave as they go by. Someone on the wagon yelled "Judy". I looked  hard, but couldn't tell who it was. One of the men looked like Ed Rowe, but I wasn't sure. The man with a goatie and a mustache yelled "Judy" again and said they would be back. I said to the other sisters that I had no clue who it was. They laughed and said he new me by name. Of course, the wagon was paste us pretty much. Well, it was Steve and Cheryl Greer and Ed and Judy Rowe. They came and I gave them my first and only tour in that home. Then they went a couple of house down to where Elder Scott was and surprised him. He said Steve gave him a great big hug. Well, back to Tuesday, they picked us up after our training meeting and we went with them all over. We did more touring and saw more things than we have seen the whole time we've been here. We went to Keokuk, got Elder Scott's blood test and went shopping at Walmart. We stopped at the Keokuk park, which is by the Mississippi. It has a statue of Chief Keokuk, which the town is named after. We also got some good pictures of a barge on the Mississippi which I will try to get uploaded. (At first, I thought to sort the pictures but now I feel lucky if I have time to get them off the camera and in a blog. You'll have to sort them yourselves, I guess.????)
Anyway, we then went over to Carthage Jail and had a tour there and went out to eat at The Wright Place Restaurant. Then we went who knows where trying to follow his GPS to get back to Nauvoo. We did finally get back, but it wasn't a short cut, I'll tell you!
I enjoyed seeing and visiting with them so much. I am still smiling inside from their visit. At first, I wanted to take our car and just follow them or meet them, but I'm so glad we went with them in Cheryl's new vehicle. It was so much fun.
We went to the Land and Records place and looked up some ancestors that were in Nauvoo in the 1830-40"s and cut a CD of the information on the computers there. Then we went up to the Old Nauvoo Burial Grounds and Ed was so exited to find a headstone of one of his ancestors (Durfee, I believe). The old headstone was there, almost unreadable, but someone has put a newer headstone with all the information on one side and history on the other side. It was interesting. Then we came back into Nauvoo and found where one of their ancestors had property.
We came into Old Nauvoo and went to the Blacksmith Shop for a tour and got a little horseshoe for each family and a prairie diamond ring for each of us.
We ran back up to Nauvoo to get some fudge that Cheryl wanted but the shop was closed. ( I went up there the next morning to buy it and have it shipped to her but the little gal remembered them coming in and saying they were from Utah and they had to wait until 10:00 o'clock to get the fudge before they left for Missouri. You can bet I'll be back up there before too long. She gave me a sample and it is delicious.
So much for keeping the weight off!!!!!!!!
See ya' all! Love you all too, Sister Scott

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