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catch-up, March 17, March 23, 2012

March 20, 2012, 1:31 pm:
Well, it looks like we lost everything I wrote Sunday. I’ll try to think about what I wrote and add it sometime. One thing I said for sure was, I’m always playing catch-up and you can see why. I’m very tired. Nothing unusual!  We’ve been in orientation yesterday and today. So much to learn. So little time to learn it in. Everyone keeps telling us it will get easier but at the moment I’m not convinced. Oh well, smile and move forward, right.

Elder Scott has gone to a Teamsters meeting. I still don’t have access to the internet and I can’t figure it out. I’ve followed the directions. Ohhhh, where’s my guroos when I need them?
March 23, 2012, 4:37 am:
President Barlow, one of the counselors, came by yesterday and tried to get the internet up and running, but was unsuccessful. He had me call tech support later and they guided me through getting it going. Then I couldn't access their site to get our infomation (I thought). President Barlow came back that night to help, started, and it came right up, so I guess I had it up all the time. Wew!!!!!! I'm not sure what day he came, they are starting or continuing to run together.
Hi! We were invited to President and Sister Gilliland's home with 5 other couples for breakfast yesterday. It was very enjoyable. We all told our stories of how we got married. Sister Gilliland was just like me; she couldn't hardly stand President Gilliland when they first met. We went to our first site assignments yesterday. Elder Scott to the Tinsmith shop and I to Land and Records. (Yes, yes, yes!!) I was scheduled to go to Heber C. Kimball's home, but Elder Gustavson called in the morning and changed my assignment. 
Then at 4:30, we had teaching demonstrations at the Family Living Center. They were very polished. Made me feel real rough around the edges. But there was a couple of visitors from Oregon there and she (Sister Lens, if I remember correctly) and I talked and went from site to site together (they took the men one direction for the stations the men demonstrate and the women a different direction). When visitors come, normally they stay together in families, but they just happened to come for our demonstration time. We had talked on the way in and they hesitated to come in with us, but I waived them into our group and Sister Gilliland also came over and invited them in, which I was very thankful for. Anyway, it was like she and I had known each other forever. She said they are contemplating going on a mission and I encouraged her to put their paperwork in when it is feasible for them. It was so much fun!
We came home, read scriptures together, fixed and ate dinner, and was of to Rondezvous At Old Nauvoo. We're supposed to go everyday, if there is room. There was no room at the 7:00 showing, so we went to the 8:15 (yes, that's PM) showing. We sing with them, even if we are in the audience. I love it, it's like the "road shows" we did when we were in Mutual when I was younger (a lot younger!). Sometime, we will be assigned to a cast and participate even more. And in April, Sunset by the Mississippi starts also. I'm excited for that. We practice the songs everyday at either 9:30 am or 4:30 pm. We've been catching the 9:30 am practice. The sites aren't very busy right now, so they work around practice schedule. It will get very busy as summer comes. Although, Elder Scott said they had one visitor after another in the Tinsmith shop and we had several people come to Land and Records, I guess it gets heck-tic in the summer.
Catch-up time: Saturday, March 17, we celebrated the 170th Relief Society Birthday. They had a re-enactment program, "Fabric of Love.....Spread Over the World" in the Red Brick Store upper room (the very room where our Prophet Joseph Smith organized the Relief Society with Emma Smith as the president. Elder Donald L.and Sister Hallstrom, one of the seven presidents of the Seventies were there and talked. He also talked in sacrament meeting Sunday. It was so wonderful to be at the very place that it took place. 

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