Saturday, April 28, 2012

Catch-up, Wednesday, March 28, 2012:

April 2, 2012, 9:43:
Catch-up, Wednesday, March 28, 2012:
We were in the Carthage Jail site this day again. I told Elder Scott he could give the tours because I had given one Saturday and Sunday, and I would tag along behind.
Nineteen year old Ben Walker, I’ll never forget him. A group of about 21 students from a school in Carthage came. Their teacher had brought them and said they had already seen the tour and just wanted to see the movie. I went in the office to have lunch while they were in the movie part. Ben Walker hung back outside and didn’t come in at first. He came in after a few minutes and Elder Scott started talking to him. I came out and joined them. I picked up a book of Mormon on my way out of the office. I knew they weren’t members. I asked him if he knew about it and he said no. I asked him if he would like one to read and he said no. Then the three of us went into the waiting area and we told him about the pictures in there depicting Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove, etc. He didn’t walk away from us, so that was cool. When I told him that the Book of Mormon is a history of the people (American Indians) on the American Continent at the time of Christ and is a second witness of Jesus Christ, he perked right up and said I’m part Indian! I said cool! that it is a history of his ancesters. He took the Book of Mormon and said he is going to read it. We told him about the promise in Moroni 10:3-5 and told him if he read and prayed about it that the Spirit would let him know that it is true. What a special young man and a special experience for us. He went outside and the rest of the students came out of the movie and they left. I wish we could know the rest of the story, you know.
Well, I think I’m all caught up for now except for pictures until I think of something else.

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