Sunday, February 24, 2013

February 24, 2013 Brian Taylor's letter to missionaries from our ward

Stake Conference

Brian L Taylor <>Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 4:25 PM
To: Wilford Scott <>
Dear Elder and Sister Scott,
        I wish I could re-play for you some excerpts of our wonderful stake
conference this weekend.  I can never remember a more inspiring set of
meetings for such a gathering.  Being centered on a missionary theme,
it took me back to my own missionary experiences in New England and in
Portland missions,  During the meeting today President Gertsch first
asked all those who were the first generation in their family line to
be influenced by missionaries, and a few individuals here and there in
the audience stood up.  Then he asked those whose parents or
grandparents were the first to be influenced by missionaries, quite a
few responded to that invitation.  However, when he asked for those
whose earlier family generations had  been the first to receive the
missionary influence, nearly all the congregation rose to its feet.  I
wish he had asked one more question--how many of our numbers had had
the privilege of serving a mission either within the stake or an
organized mission of the Church.  That. too, would likely have brought
quite a good percentage of the audience to their feet.
                As I have reflected upon the general idea of missionary work, I
think of the great promise of growth in the years to come.  Today they
called on two who have received their mission call to express their
testimonies.  One was going o the West Indies and the other to
Belgium.  Both seemed so excited to begin their forthcoming mission
                I quite enjoyed one incident that was related--I believe it was
mentioned by the president of the Utah Ogden Mission.  He told of a
couple of fellows who were running the Boston Marathon.  One fellow
had given his full effort to achieve, but near the end of the course
he was running out of gas.  A fellow competitor who had trailed behind
a bit drew up alongside  and passed the other runner, making some
comment to the effect that he was going to win the race.  However, the
first-mentioned runner suddenly caught sight of the marathon statue at
the end of the course.  Imbued by a new spirit in the competition, he
found a great burst of energy, passed the competitor and won the race.
 As we reflect upon the purpose of our missionary effort, we, too, can
find renewed drive to finish the course with honor.
                Pres. Watson contrasted the spirit of the Israelite army in facing a
Goliath.  I can understand their being fearful when facing a foe who
outsized them appreciably.  However, young David saw a different
picture--sorta like the saying I heard many years ago--"One man and
the Lord are a MAJORITY."  If each of us could catch the spirit of
those words, we could move mountains.  I may be nearing the end of my
life, but I don't intend to quit; I still feel that I can accomplish
some noteworthy goals.  Let's give our best effort in the race!
          Love, Grandpa Taylor

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