Monday, March 4, 2013

Brian Taylor's letter, March 3, 2013

I hope you're smiling

Brian L Taylor
6:19 PM (12 hours ago)
to me
Dear Elder and Sister Scott,
        Another wonderful Sunday--a day of replenishing the spiritual larders
and of growing in understanding of the Gospel.  I was just thinking
that if we learn or understand just one Gospel principle each time we
attend a block of meetings, how truly intelligent we will be after a
few decades.  Today in our gospel doctrine class Brother Jay made a
statement that stretched my understanding just a little more.  Perhaps
I had bordered on the principle in my own thinking previously, but it
was plainly stated today.  How many times members of the Church have
read of someone's having been visited by a heavenly messenger and then
pray for the Lord to allow him to see an angelic being.  The Lord
NEVER sends such an angelic personage to a human being unless has a
specific mission to perform--such as the Angel Moroni to Joseph Smith,
the appearance of Elijah in the Kirtland Temple, and John the Baptist
restoring the Aaronic Priesthood.  The Lord will never send an angelic
being just to satisfy the curiosity of one of us human beings--a small
point, perhaps, but an important principle.
        I am still in awe about the announcement of 18-year old men and
19-year old women being eligible for mission service.  I was invited
to Dave's house Thursday night to be with a rather large group to
witness Danny open his long envelope from Salt Lake City.  When he
read a call to serve in Guatemala, there were many smiles and words of
congratulations and expressions of joy over this opportunity for a
young man who is excited to have this special experience.  Then today
when Bishop Dale Chugg mentioned that Danny had been able to answer
many of the difficult questions that were given the priests in the
Bishop's office.  I know Danny is excited--just like a lot of other
missionaries.  And his cousin Mitch will probably be reading his call
to serve this coming Wednesday or Thursday.  I am grateful to have
lived long enough to witness these special events.
        I think what a marvelous influence all of you are going to be when
you get home from your missions and continue here in the service of
the Lord.  I saw one such young man when I walked into priesthood
meeting today, and later saw another when I waited at the bishop's
office after church for Nick and his wife to be set apart.  They still
carry that glow because they are happy in the Lord's service.
        I am so happy here in my home, where I constantly feel the strong
missionary dedication of two returned missionaries--my grandson and
his wife.  They are excited to be set apart to teach the temple
preparation lessons to those who are ready and anxious to prepare for
temple blessings.  In about three weeks our ward will have another day
at the temple, where I will again get a glimpse of what true happiness
is.  Perhaps my dear companion will be there to observe my bringing
happiness to one more relative.  Oh, it is wonderful to belong to a
church that knows what true happiness can be.
        Keep smiling.  You have every reason in the world to look that way.
Love, "Grandpa" Taylor

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