Sunday, March 24, 2013

Training Meeting talk I was involved in, March 20, 2013

Elder and Sister Heaton came to the Family Living Center the other day and said they wanted to talk to Elder Scott and I. I asked enthusiastically, are you going to fire us? But they said no. Instead what they did is called “added upon”. J
They handed us these papers upon which is a message from President Monson about “meeting your Goliath” and asked us to talk about it in this training meeting. Of course he is talking about David and Goliath.
President Monson talks of COURAGE. He says the course that we should properly follow appears at times impossible, impenetrable, hopeless.
He talks of Nephi’s courage and quotes 1 Nephi 3;7 “I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save He shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commanded them.”
 Now! I need these training meetings probably more than anyone here. So for me to stand up here and try to express to you what I’m thinking is literally my Goliath, but here goes. As I said in Relief Society when I had to give the lesson, pray with me--for me. I guess and for you also, so you can understand.
Next, President Monson speaks of EFFORT---mental and physical effort. I think Elder Scott is going to elaborate more on that one. I’ll just use the quote President Monson used from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,
The heights by great men reached and kept                                                     Were not attained by sudden flight, 
But they, while their companions slept,                                                          Were toiling upward in the night.
That would be us, I need a whole lot more sleep than Elder Scott.
Next President Monson speaks of HUMILITY, for haven’t we been told through divine revelation that when we are humble, the Lord, our God, will lead us by the hand and give us answer to our prayers.
And of course that is the next thing President Monson talks of is PRAYER. Power from on high to exalt us.
  Finally, he talks of LOVE OF DUTY. Saying, Duty is not merely to do the thing we ought to do, but to do it when we should, whether we like it or not.
Tell about the miracle of being able to stand in the sights and give tours without feeling that quaking feeling inside, bear your testimony, and sit down.

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