Sunday, March 17, 2013

Brian Taylor's letter, March 17, 2013

I'll bet you're smiling!

Brian L Taylor <>Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 6:57 PM
To: Wilford Scott <>

Dear Elder and Sister Scott,
            Today I was invited to attend the blessing of my 30th great-grandchild.  Jean and I now have a family circle of 72!  That seems like a lot to me, and yet I have friends or acquaintances who have far more than this.  Seeing what happens in our day helps me to understand how some of our progenitors who had large families had hundreds of progeny when they passed on to their reward.
            The ward bishopric was reorganized in the meeting we attended.  A relatively young bishopric was sustained.  As they walked up to stand, I remembered the day when I was sustained as first counselor in our ward bishopric at age 27 to the amazement of ward members.  I recall that it was 16 years later when I was made bishop.(I probably had to undergo a lot of "polishing of the rough edges" to become the father of the ward.  I must say, however, that during my years as bishop we had a BUNCH of young men sent into the mission field within a short time.  And they were like the Army of Helaman.  We were so proud of those young men, and they served well.  Some of them continued to serve with distinction after their return--I remember that one of them is now a professor of religion at B. Y. U.
            Anyway, after the sacrament meeting the baby's parents had a brunch in their new home.  I had not been aware of their intentions, so I was able to eat a very small plate of fruit and a doughnut.  Soon after I finished, my daughter, who was seated right next to me had two small grandchildren on her lap.  The baby who was blessed began fussing, so I offered to take her.  I continued to hold her when her feeding time came.  She was an angel, and I guess her mother thought she looked angelic, because she came around and took some pictures of us.  I guess it was an unusual; sight--a 92-year old man feeding a young baby.  I surely do love these little angels.
            I came back to attend the two last hours of our ward meetings.  In both of the classes I attended, the point was made that we need to serve with cheerfulness.  Being cheerful wasn't too difficult for me in both missions that I served.  Thinking back on those years, I found it easy to be pleasant, because I came from a happy home.  Our family had a lot of good times together--plenty of jokes and enjoying the brighter side of life.  We were all blessed with a good sense of humor. so it did not take much to send us into fits of laughter.  I'm sure that cheerfulness made it much easier to teach our mission contacts.  But then I have to say that I have found deep happiness in associating with the wonderful members of our ward, particularly those who have served as instructors or in administrative positions.  I can recall so many different church gatherings when members seem overjoyed to see one another and visit in the hallways or in places where we congregate.  I recall the scripture "…Men are that they might have joy."
            So--I would have you reflect back on the people who have made the best impressions on you in the Church.  I dare say that all of them have the ability to display a warm smile as they go about doing good.  Take a moment and think how many of our church hymns carry a message of happiness--either happiness NOW or pleasant thoughts about the future.
            Finally, I want you to know that Brother Taylor is sending a smile your way.  I find great joy and satisfaction in knowing you are having the greatest experience of your life--thus far.  You'll find even greater joy in the years to come as you keep living the principles of the gospel.
            God bless you.  You're in my thots and prayers.    Love, "Grandpa" Taylor

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