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February 11, 2012, email from Sister Poulsen about the Joseph cast

The Joseph Cast is FANTASTIC!

Gretchen Poulsen <poulsen3@gmail.com>
8:29 PM (12 hours ago)
to RichardGailYuriConnieAlKarenRussRussellKarenRussellChadJenniferFloydJackJudithRusselGreogorySerfioThomasMichaelOrsonEarlmeRobertWilliam
Dear missionaries,

I don't know when or where I have seen a better show than tonight! You sounded and looked energetic from start to finish and the sound was GREAT!  Welcome was all timed perfectly and whoever did that horse sound....WOW !   Who WAS that ? (Elder Scott!)

Peter and Abigail....you were WORD PERFECT! Okay everybody ....the standard has been set. LOVED Elder Spencer's facial expressions and comedic timing! S/Spencer you looked as lovely and were as sweet as ever.

Noah and Sophia,.....HOORAY for Elder Johnson....You were total perfection tonight. You had your whole body going in rhythm!! That was SO GREAT! You nailed it tonight. You both looked and sounded so good.

Sorry about Sister Mendenhall going out the back door and exposing Abigail back there. That was TOTALLY my fault. I wanted her to go on tonight and be able to get out the back because of her cast. Next time.....Abigail will need to stand back and let her out .....THEN come up those stairs. I just didn't think ahead.

Thanks to the Gillilands for another wonderful performance and with Sister G. not feeling well. No one could tell I'm sure.

Jed and Annie....Thank you for NOT banging those pots while you said your lines....that was PERFECT!  You both projected really well tonight. I could hear every word from the back.

Geroge and Agatha....your timing was impeccable....as usual....with the large crowd....it was so perfect when you WAITED for the laughter about the picture of women without mouths....and THEN you proceeded on ...so the audience didn't miss the next line. Sharp thinking on your part Sister Newman. Elder Newman....LOVED the pause at the end before the AMEN! The audience went wild!!!

Doctorr...Elder Jennings....THAT WAS A PERFECT DELIVERY! The best I have seen you do so far! You kept the scene moving and the audience was LOVING it!

You ALL did such a GREAT job! And the Relief Society sewed with their LEFT hands! WHOOT! We can do ANYTHING now! Too bad that camera wasn't rolling tonight!

Thank you everyone! That was a memorable performance and didn't we have FUN in the Green Room tonight....thanks Sister Green...the motion machine! Now THAT performance should have been captured ON FILM!!!

Love you all,
Sister Poulsen

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