Monday, February 11, 2013

Brian Taylor's letter, February 3, 2013

My love to you!

Brian L Taylor
Feb 3 (8 days ago)
to me
Dear Elder Willie and Sister Judy,
        This is the third week that my grandson and his wife who are living
with me made the comment to one another that they surely hoped to get
a calling soon.  That wish was granted today when Nick came to the
area I was waiting after church and said the bishop wanted to see
them.  (Later:  Jen came to see me when they got back home and said
they are being called as family history specialists with the special
assignment to teach the temple preparation lessons. They were given
permission to hold the classes in my home, so I will enjoy being an
innocent (?) bystander.  I am glad they are the kind of folk that they
are--anxious to help "pull the load."  Most people who had moved from
a ward where they had a busy schedule would welcome a brief vacation.
That kind of vacation is dangerous.
        Today is my monthly family gathering.  Based on my experience from
the past, I don't expect a "standing room only" crowd.  The big
football game has a higher priority with some of my sons-in-law, but
my own children are usually in attendance at all our family
gatherings.  Dads' attitudes usually carry over into the next
generation, so I know what to expect from the second generation today.
        Today being a testimony meeting, I thought I would watch carefully
and if there were a lull in testimony bearing, I would make my way to
the podium.  However, we had a steady line today.  I love it when I
get the feeling that our members are ANXIOUS.  Some of those who
responded did not really bear a testimony, but I was glad that they
were eager to participate.  Some of the participants are reasonably
new to the ward--a good way to get acquainted.  I'll have some new
faces to add to my sacrament meeting prayer participants list.  I'm
always happy when missionaries' parents give a report on your
activity/progress/experiences.  I'd just like to mention that our
grandson Jeremy is surprising us family members with the vigor he is
exhibiting in getting his feet on the ground in  the Naga Mission in
the Philippine Islands.  He actually sounds positive in trying to
learn the language so he can speak easily from his heart.  I feel as
if I belong to a missionary family.
        Just before our sacrament meeting began today, we noticed our two
assigned missionaries talking to the priests and writing down their
names.  I wondered if they will have something to do with training.  I
wish I were able to circulate more in the community so I could do some
finding.  Bt then I have participated in the past and need to be
grateful for those favors.  There is a right time in our lives for
everything.  I may not be able to search for potential contacts, but
then I can send these weekly missives your way.
        Those missionaries came over and shook our hands.  One of them  said
he was from Boston.  That brought back a flood of memories to me.  I
recall the days while I worked in the mission office in Cambridge and
had to travel into Boston each Sunday afternoon to present a short
WCOP radio program.
        One closing thought that just hit my mind.  Were it not for the
Gospel, I would not be here today.  Then I think--what if we had been
born in one of the foreign countries where some of our ancestors came
from???  It is unlikely that we would ever have had the missionary
opportunities that we do today.  I hope you appreciate your current
status as much as I do.
Love, Brian

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