Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 20, 2013, Wilford Woodruff Home

February 20, 2013:
I served with Sister Brooks today at the Wilford Woodruff Home. It was a pretty quiet day for the most part. Toward afternoon, a man (Alex) came for a tour. He mainly said he wanted history, not spiritual stuff. He sure asked a lot of spiritual questions as well as history questions. We answered them as well as we could. He decided to take a Book of Mormon with him to read again. He said he had already read it. He said he was researching lots of churches. I don't remember the ones he named. He didn't want to fill out a quest card but the sisters that served in the Brigham Young Home said he took one with him. Sister Brooks was talking to him in front of the temple and we pulled up. I got out and went to talk to them. He said it had been an intellectually and spiritually invigorating day for him. He said he was going to Springfield but then he said he decided to head home to Anna, Illinois because of the weather forecast. Smart man! I hope he gets home safely. As it says in Rendezvous, "He seemed to be a right good man". Oh and he said he went to the Brickyard and showed us his souvenir brick. I pray he can find what he is searching for and have a good life. Hopefully he will come back again sometime. It would be interesting to know the rest of the story but I trust Heavenly Father knows and will take care of it. So I guess I don't have to know the rest of the story.

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