Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 18, 2013, Elder Miller's Debut!

Elder Miller's Debut!

Gretchen Poulsen <poulsen3@gmail.com>
1:00 PM (5 hours ago)
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Dear Joseph Cast,

We had quite a night last night! Elder Miller did a super job for his first time and I personally loved the "back pedaling" he did in the early scene with Sister Newman, when George has walked off the stage. Many thanks to the Newmans who have helped to train so many Doctors and Editors in our cast. What wonderful examples and supportive missionaries they are!

Germers and Johnsons... we are only to glad to fill in so you don't have to risk your lives on the icy roads. We missed you at the wonderful spaghetti dinner put on by the Jennings, Gneitings and Munhozs. We had some fun as Elder Sims prepared the part of Man #1 in Willingly very quickly that night. Thanks to Elder O.Poulsen for the quick tutorial in the Green Room.

We had the Murdochs and Sister Miller and President and Sister Gilliland as our very sympathetic audience to our follies. Sister Mendenhall was a trouper and came back to MAN the prompter's chair after losing her "cookies" in the trashcan. Now there's the Pioneer Spirit in action!

We had a good laugh as the curtain got closed on Thomas and Elizabeth a bit too soon. I am sure that won't happen again.

I think you are all doing a wonderful job and we continue to improve as we go. 

Enjoy the sunshine today...they say a big storm is blowing in on Thursday.
Sister Poulsen

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