Friday, November 9, 2012

October 9, 2012, Light up the tree song

Christmas Song for the Tree Lighting

nauvoo director
12:33 PM (5 hours ago)
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Dear Joseph and Hyrum Casts,,

Throughout the rest of the month of November, we will continue to practice the Christmas Song in the Green Room. This music needs to be memorized as you will be standing in the dark waiting for the tree lighting while singing this song. Our goal is to digest a little bit each night and memorize as we go. This will mean that we need to be IN our seats and ready to go by 6:25 each night to practice and not take away from Rendezvous practice time. 

You continue to shine every night and our guests notice and appreciate you. Many want to be just like you when they grow up.

I need to ask you to continue to keep your voices down as we are ALL in the Green Room together and not outside in the cold. We continue to have noise filtering up. you come up the stairs to the front door and wait inside to go down the aisle....PLEASE refrain from visiting there. If you need to pass through the crowd...let's just lightly tap the person in front of you and stick our hand out in a "pass through" motion. I will discuss this in the Green Room.

The front door continues to be a problem as we come and go to watch our friends perform. I want everyone to feel free to come and go but it will only work if we can close that door quietly as it causes a terrible rattle and banging sound at times which is a huge distraction to our audiences.

Thanks for all you do. I am going to run home now and get the words to the Christmas Song and include it in another email to enable you to practice at your leisure.

Sister Poulsen


                          Light up the tree, let’s turn it on,
          Send out a sparkle, bright as the dawn, so it will
               Light up the house, bright as can be,
                What brightness of heart we can start
                      When we light up the tree.

                    Light up the house, inside and out,
            Light up the rooftops, leaving no doubt that it will
                     Light up the town, so all can see
            What brightness of heart we can start
                        When we light up the tree.

                        Dazzle the darkness with red and green,
                                   It will be serene and blest.
              Shine up the shadows with white and blue,
                            And the stars will do the rest.

                        Light up the town, store front and street,
               Fling out a radiance full and complete so it will
                        Light up the world, bright as can be
                 If we can impart such brightness of heart
                               That can start when we
                                 Light Up The Tree!

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