Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 27, 2012, note from Sister Elia

Historic Nauvoo Visitors Center nauvooreferral@gmail.com
Nov 26 (1 day ago)

Aloha Brother Stevens and Elder and Sister Scott,

I'm Sister Elia, a senior missionary serving in the Illinois Nauvoo Mission.  One of my assignments is the Call Center, where I follow-up on referrals.

I called the Alcantar's and talked to Marco's wife.  She was very friendly and shared her feelings with me.  I appreciate knowing where you were when you filled out the referral card - Wilford Woodruff's home.  I was able to use that as a springboard for our conversation.  WW and his wife were very much in love and were grateful to know of the restoration of the Gospel and priesthood authority to seal families together forever in temples, etc.

Mrs. Alcantar said that they'd talked with Nathan about the church and have had missionaries over several times.  She didn't volunteer why they didn't continue but she did say that they've been discussing families forever.  She's due with number 2 at any time.

It's not convenient right now with trying to buy a house, moving, and having a new baby.  I suggested that she take the time to go online to mormon.org where she will find many ideas and helps that aren't just LDS teachings but beliefs that are held by many who want a happy, productive life.  I mentioned that that's probably one of the reasons you and the Stevens like to talk, because you find many of the same things important.  She readily agreed.

So, the sum total is that when they get Chicago she knows that she can go to mormon.org to contact the church.

Keep up the excellent work, Nathan.  I know the Lord blesses us and our efforts as we reach out to others to share the good news of the restoration of the gospel It comes to mind, Nathan, that when you do know when and where they'll be arriving in Chicago, you could contact their ward area Elder's Quorum to help in getting them settled.

Isn't it just wonderful to have the gospel in our lives?

Mahalo and happy thoughts,
Sister Elia

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