Friday, November 23, 2012

November 23, 2012

Rendezvous email check

nauvoo director
11:53 AM (7 hours ago)
to RichardGailYuriConnieAlKarenRussellGillilandChadJenniferHenryFloydJackGregorySergioOrrinThomasMichaelOrsonShirlEarlRussellmeSimsWilliam
Hello Joseph Cast,

I am sending this to check and see if I now have properly added everyone and deleted some that have returned home. I hope you will use occasion in the Green Room to let me know if things are not getting through to you. I believe I had added some of the new missionaries to my home computer and didn't follow through here at the office.

You all did a wonderful job last night. You have all responded to the fact that we need to keep that back door quiet and the Green Room noise down. Thanks SO much for all your efforts there. I have sent in a Service Request to have the Green Room doors serviced as well as the doors at the top of the stairs to the Cultural Hall.

We continue to have the air/conditioning or heating (whichever it is) coming on repeatedly throughout the performance. I have taken note that it appears to happen the most frequently during Peter and Abigail and Jed and Annie. Things could change as we get colder weather (like today) and it might come on more frequently. Just remembe,r everybody...PROJECT your voices.

It is hard for me to monitor Relief Society from backstage (Abigail) but I didn't hear the duet last night. I heard two rounds of "Public Courtship".... Thanks to Elder Openshaw for filling in and I hope that is not part of the reason for the glitch. I will take the blame for ALWAYS singing the one half of the duet ( the one I learned as a "newbie") and I will start singing the other half for all to hear. 

You are all doing such a wonderful job and I hope that you believe, not only me, but all the guests that comment as they come through. I try to share as much as I can of what I hear and I know that some of you receive rave reviews apart from mine.

We had a LOT of children last night and that can be disruptive. The night before a large pink coat was left on the floor by a little girl and E/McBride (Editor) told me about it. I went up front and picked it up so the WILLINGLY Elders would not trip on it. I signaled to the family that I was moving it and set it over on the side pew by the piano. These things are going to happen. Luckily we have not had a child get in the way and be stepped on. If you notify me of these things I will always be happy to "fix" them so you can continue to do your job.

I think Moffet and Wright did very well at projecting the lines to the audience last night and not to the back wall during the exit. It is always tempting to turn around and speak while leaving. 

Elder Poulsen, you project very well and as you turn your back to the audience, it works well because you wait to say your lines when you have turned back away from the men onstage and face the audience again.

Nice work EVERYONE! A round of applause for Sister Green for the heavy load she carries! What would we ever do without S/Newman????

Sister Poulsen
P.S. Thanks for all your efforts to learn the Christmas Tree Song. We are sounding stronger all the time!!!

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