Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1, 2012

November 1, 2012:
Can you believe it's November already.
An email from Sister Poulsen, our Rendezvous director.

Cast line-up, JOSEPH, Oct 30th, Nov 4th & 6th

TIM NEWMANOct 29 (3 days ago)
REMINDER-Please be at the Cultural Hall at 6:10 pm for the Cast photo with El...
Gretchen Poulsen
Oct 30 (2 days ago)
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Well done Joseph Cast!

 I enjoyed watching you tonight. You looked radiant up there and the crowd was small and unresponsive for the most part but that didn't slow any of YOU down!
I did not hear any sound coming from the Green Room so thank you again for being so careful. I appreciate all that you are doing to support me in this calling. 

I couldn't do it without Sister Newman she is a ROCK!

Elder Green gave yet another solid performance.

 I felt that the tempos were fine tonight.THANK YOU Sister Watts!

Elder have added some little nuances that really make a difference as well as Sister Newman and her impeccable timing, always turning in an excellent performance. Elder Call as Doctor is so easy to hear and understand. I wish everyone had the opportunity to see the three of you work together in that scene. I appreciate the effort you make to not "over-do" the add lib parts. 

Skidmores you are continuing to give a very fine portrayal and of course, your duet sounds better every time. 

Thank you Sister Baker for your excellent job on the lights. I know I can count on you and Sister Call every time. 

Willingly was so strong tonight. It almost sounded as if we had extra men up there.

E/S Rogers ....we are happy to have you back and Sister Rogers..your facial expressions really add a lot.

Salmons you are SO believable as Jed and Annie. Thank you for being so true to the script. Elder and Sister Nunn are going to be our new Jed and Annie and I am so grateful they have you to learn from.

Thank you everyone!
Sister Poulsen

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