Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Brian L. Taylor letter, November 21, 2012

Love from Farr West

Brian L Taylor
12:23 PM (6 hours ago)
to AnnetteAaron,JosiemeRANDALL.WOOLSEYBradReidTracyToni
Dearest Loved Ones,
I am writing on behalf of my Dad, Brian, to update you as to why you did not receive your weekly contact from him.

He had gashed his leg on his bed about 2 weeks ago but did not notify anyone until it was very inflamed and sore.  We took him to see the Dr. who requested he get an ultra sound to make sure there was no blood clot. No clot was found. He was to keep his leg elevated above his heart for several days which he faithfully did.  But the lying down weakened him to the point that three days in a row, he fell in his home.  His second fall injured his back.  Nothing broke but he is extremely sore. He is on bed rest until he can get rid that pain.

Our family has decided that it is time to have someone with him 24/7 to get him through this tough period.  So each of his children are caring for him at his home.

If this wasn't enough to deal with, Sunday we received news that Dad's only living sibling passed away.  Aunt Zesta was 99 years old and had lived a rich, full life.  Thankfully she was able to graduate peacefully.

Dad asked me to update you to his circumstances and to tell you,"  I am sorry I skipped a cycle but I am not up to sitting at the computer yet.  Even though you haven't heard from me, I am getting a little stronger each day.  I want you all to know I still love you!"

Since I am the one that works most on the computer, you may receive updates through me until he is again able to sit at the computer.

Love you dearly,
Karma Lattin

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