Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 4, 2012

October 4, 2012:
Wow! Where does the time go. I can't believe it's October already and the 4th even. Yesterday I served in the Wilford Woodruff Home with cute little Young Sister Kim from Korea. We had 8 tours which in and of itself is a lot for that home and this time of year. It was her first time there, but she was so excited that she got to give 4 of the tours. Those young sister missionaries have such good memories. They give great tours.
today I served with Sister Johnson in the Sarah Granger Kimball Home. It's out by the Mississippi. Quite out of the way from the rest of the town and sites. Usually we don't get very many tours there, maybe 1 or 2 or 3 at the most in a day. But today we had 12 tours. That has to be a record even for summer out there.
The weather was different than it's been too. The day started out sunny, nippy but nice. Then all of a sudden the clouds rolled in, the wind started to blow and then it poured rain of and on for a few hours. I guess the nice weather can't last forever, it is October. I'm not looking forward to winter. It was good to get the rain. They need the moisture so much. It's 48 degrees 82% humidity right now at 9:00 pm and is predicted to get down to 47 degrees and 67 % humidity tonight. Ha!!! I guess that's only 1 degree difference! With the difference in humidity, it probably feels about the same.
Well, missionary breakfast at 7:00 am tomorrow---better hit the sack. I serve at the Wilford Woodruff Home again tomorrow.

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