Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 13, 2012

October 13, 2012:
We went to Nauvoo on the Road today. It was the River Fest in Bentonsport, Iowa. Elder & Sister Haurand are over Nauvoo on the Road and Elder & Sister Nelson went with us. It was an enjoyable day even though it rained off and on and the wind blew a little but it wasn't too bad. I wore my snow boots to keep my feet warm and dry, gloves part of the day, and my winter coat. When we got there we weren't even sure we were going to be able to set up. It was predicted to build storm worse and worse throughout the day. Elder Scott gave the prayer before we left Nauvoo and prayed for a window in the weather and his prayer was answered. I think we had just a little over 200 people come to our "booth". There was supposed to be a band playing in a gazebo next to us and they didn't set up because of the weather so they told us to set up in the gazebo. That was a blessing because it kept the rain off us somewhat. We went to pull out of there and was about stuck. The tires were spinning in the mud. With a little prayer, we pulled out of there with not too much of a problem. They put some straw under the tires and kind of went back and forth and it moved from the rut we were in. Then there was a tree branch in the way. It would have scratched the trailer and probably the van too. Some boys were watching that had participated in the rope making and let us use the rope they got from the demonstration to help get the branch out of the way. I had bought some yummy fug to eat on the way home so I gave it to the boys instead for helping us. They were pretty happy about that. All in all, it was a nice day. Elder Haurand took some pictures and said he would email them to us, so I'll post them when he does.

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