Friday, June 21, 2013

June 21, 2013, updated

June 21, 2013:
I served in the Pendleton Log Home and School today with Sister Pixler and Sister Sanders. It's been a while since Sister Sanders and I have served together so it was fun. We spent the afternoon "solving most of life's problems".
A man and two women (they said they were sisters) came in this afternoon. One of the women was a Mormon and the other man and woman weren't. So I presented the quest card and he took it and said they new quite a bit about Mormonism. So I told him if they knew a lot then there was just one more step to take. We had been talking some about religion and Sister Sanders and the two women were talking about something else.  So they are leaving and I told him to remember that "one last step". Sister Sanders, thinking I meant the step going out of the building, told him that last step"s a killer. (She hadn't heard what we were talking about.) So I leaned out the door and told him it (meaning the "last step") wasn't a killer, it would bring them exaltation. It was perfect! Of course, I explained the whole thing to Sister Sanders after. I pray that the spirit touched his heart and mind and they will take that "last step".
I find it hard to write up these experiences. Somehow, they never sound the same as they felt when they were happening. But I tried and there it is. Hopefully, the Holy Ghost will bring the feeling to my remembrance when I read it again and fill in the blanks.

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