Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20, 2012

July 20, 2012:
I served in tickets and tours today. Got off at 3:00 and President Salmon was there to talk to me. They are putting me in as assistant site leader in The Seventies Hall. They will announce it in training meeting next Wednesday. Elder Scott is in the Family Living Center today until 6:00 and then we have Sunset on the Mississippi tonight.
We went and watched the Nauvoo Pageant Wednesday. It was great. Me who never cries, cried through the whole performance. When the Young Performing Missionaries came on the stage, I was overwhelmed with the thought, there's our kids! They are so cute and talented. It would be great if some of our grandkids could participate. We all just love them and the Young Sister Missionaries too. They are only here for the summer. I think it will be lonely when they leave. No, I know it will be lonely when they leave! Sister Brown could be a twin to Samantha. And she fusses over us like we are her grandparents. She's so cute.
Sister and Elder Scott at the  Nauvoo Pageant, July 2012 

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