Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 27, 2012, 7:16 am:
It's our preparation day today. Hopefully, we can get a few things done before practice. We are practicing for Sunset on the Mississippi this summer. It's so much fun. I love it. One song we sing is A Place in the Choir. A group called Damian McGinity and Celtic Thunder sing the verses and we join in the Chorus. They are so good. We haven't seen them in person yet. We practice with a video of them. I think you can access a site where you can watch them, but I'm not sure. It would be worth it if you could. Mar 3, 2012 update: Found out "Do a google search for A Place in the Choir and then put in Celtic Thunder. Let me know if it works."
I kind of slept in today; don't feel quite up to par. Hope I'm not getting what's going around. People have been really sick with it. We are going to go to the doctor today to set up our blood work.
The magnolia blossoms have fallen and some of the other flowering trees are in bloom. All kids of flowers are blooming here and there. It's very pretty.
Elder Scott was scheduled for the Teamsters yesterday, supposedly 11:30-5:00. About 10:20 or so they called and asked why he wasn't there yet. I guess they are supposed to be at the horse corrals at 7:00 am whenever they are scheduled there. We were ready so I took him up and stopped at the post office and sewing room. They had my first very own site dress ready, so I brought it home. I can't wait to wear it. I love it. We get loaners until our clothes are ready.
They burned the prairie grass last night at 6:00 pm. Wow!! I would not want to get caught in a prairie fire. It was about a small block and only burned for a few seconds and was totally gone. There is no way even a horse could out run it, especially with a wagon hooked to it.
I was scheduled at The Brigham Young Home yesterday. What a special experience. I love that site. I worked with Sister McKnight and Sister Gibson. The Gibson's live up stairs from us. Sister McKnight gave me a tour to acquaint me to the site and then she left. She was on what's called the C schedule, it's split. She told us we weren't "greenies" anymore because we have been here a week. Right!!!!! No visitors were coming so Sister Gibson practiced the tour on me. It helped me out also. Then some visitors came and we took turns taking them through. I took several groups through, the last having eleven people in it. Imagine, I was right there in the Prophet Brigham Young's home and telling about him and his wife Mary Ann. Some of the furniture actually belonged to them. I hope I get to go there often. It's the most comfortable I've been.
We are being told in the summer and when the tour buses start coming, we can have up to 25 people in a tour at a time. I can wait!!!!!! The missionaries, Elder and Sister Morgan, were telling us that at Carthage Jail (another catch-up post).

catch-up, March 21, 2012:
I was scheduled to the The Heber C. Kimball Home home today. In the morning, Elder Gustavson called and changed me to The Land and Records Office. Yay!!!! That's right where I wanted to be. We are not supposed to do our own research when we are working in the site. But because we were being trained, I was able to access Zerah Pulsipher's record and glance at it. I can't wait to go there on our own time (maybe today-March 27) and get a CD on what has been put in their database about Elder Scott's ancestors. And maybe, as I work there, I can research and add to that database.

catch-up, March 23, 2012:
I was scheduled at The Family Living Center today. It was a good experience. Sister Bird, from our MTC people was there. She has been there for a couple of days. Yesterday Elder Scott and I came here just to get the feeling of it knowing I was to be here. Everyone else was busy so we talked Sister Bird into giving us a demonstration on the candle making. She did a great job. It helped me so much for today. I gave my first demonstration on candle making, then got nervous and chickened out the rest of the time I was there. That's OK, I'm sure I'll have other chances. I was feeling pretty green. Sister Register, who does the telephone calling started asking me why I told a story that The Community of Christ uses at the store; that we were not supposed to steal their thunder and why I was passing out guest (referral) cards and told me I needed to check the names when I got a card back and make sure she could read it and to put my name and the site where I got it on the top. I felt like I was being chewed out proper. That's kind of why I wouldn't give anymore tours. In my defense, Sister Bird had told us that story and had been told it by whoever gave her the tour. And we were taught at the MTC to give out the guest cards. They have a nice picture of the Nauvoo Temple on one part that they can keep as a souvenir. In  Sister Register's defense, she gave me a very cute card, thanking me for the referral's I've turned in. It seemed to be my best thing the last few days. I've told a couple of people who have mentioned it, It's not me, it's the Holy Spirit doing it's work. I'm grateful to be an instrument to pass them out. I pray I can be useful here in furthering our Heavenly Father's work on the Earth. My hands and heart are willing, even if my flesh is week; to quote a frase.
Well, going to eat. Love you all, Sister Scott.

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  1. Grandpa looks right at home with those reins in his hands.

    We're so proud of you guys! Keep up the good work.