Wednesday, November 6, 2013

email about class reunion, June, 2013

Hello, Class of ’63!

Hope you all received the invitation to our 50th Class Reunion.  We have started our engines and need your input.  This is the “Golden Anniversary of our Golden Graduation.”  We were the Golden Graduates—the 50th Class to graduate! The reunion will be held in Malad at the Senior Citizen Center on Saturday, September 14, 2013 starting at 4:00 p.m.  We will have a class picture taken, eat dinner, receive a class book, and get re-acquainted!  The cost will be $25 a person or $50 for a couple.  We’re very excited to get together!

Are you planning to attend?   _______   Name/Names?  ____________________________________

Our class book will include all our grade school pictures with names, school buildings, school memories, and classmate updates.  We need each of you to complete the classmate info page and email scanned pictures or send pictures (which will be returned to you) to put on your personal page.  We will gladly include any fun pictures you have of high school activities or memories—just send or email them.  These info pages and pictures need to be sent as soon as possible to enable us to put the book together.

PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL so we know you have received it!   Thanks!!!

The classmate info page will be sent in a separate email.  It can simply be filled in and returned or you can write your own page. We plan to input your Senior picture and a more recent picture of you OR you & your spouse by your name.  Then we will put 1 or 2 family pictures—children, grandchildren on the other side of your name with your info under the pictures.  This is very time consuming so please respond as soon as you can.  Any other input would be welcomed.

The money for the reunion can be sent to: Delpha W. Hubbard      or       Linda L. Williams
                                                                     129 East 50 South                   5342 Creswell Ave.
                                                                  Malad, Idaho  83252              Boise, ID   83713
                                                             208-766-2223                          208-859-5429
If you cannot attend and would like a class picture and class book, you can send $15 and we will send them to you.

If you have any questions, call Linda at 208-859-5429 or email to


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