Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26, 2013

Willie had told me there was a surprise for me at Rendezvous tonight but he was sworn to secrecy. It was great! Jerry and Ardith Barnet were there. She and I hugged. I was so exited that I screamed when I saw her. That's not something I would normally do, not even!
Training meeting this morning at 7:30 am came mighty early after two Rendezvous shows last night. Elder and Sister Oaks talked about some financial stuff that went on in Nauvoo in the 1800's and about the Holy Ghost and His purpose in our lives. I liked the part about the Holy Ghost the best. Elder and Sister Oaks and a lot of their family were at the second show of Rendezvous last night.
I served at the Lucy Mack Smith Home with Sister Chynoweth and Sister Oaks came to see the home. I thought they left this morning right after training meeting but I guess they just had to have their bags picked up to go to the train? Elder Oaks sat outside but we went out and talked for a second and he shook our hands again. It was pretty cool. They are such nice people---of course! What a choice blessing in my life. I pray they will have a safe journey home.
Some of the young people that came told us that John Bytheway is also in Nauvoo. I don't think I would recognize him right off. I would love to meet him though. He is such a good author and speaker. Especially for the youth.
We do Sunset tonight. It's cool outside so it shouldn't be too bad. It can get miserable out on that stage if it is hot. It's hard to think about only having about two weeks left of Sunset. And then the Young Performing Missionaries will go home and the Young Sister Missionaries will be leaving and then we go home. Wow!
And yea Rita and Wes are coming next weekend!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!! Wish Shanna, Matt and Kenna were still coming the end of August, but they can't.

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