Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 6, 2012, 10:41 am:
You know, with me and the Holy Ghost, it's not about the still small voice. The Spirit pretty well has to hit me over the head. That happened yesterday. I was serving in the Scovill Bakery. A couple came in. Oh, by the way, I was soooo tired my brain was on about -50 or so? I told them the information about the bakery briefly. (We are trying to get ready for the big summer tours.) Then I picked up the guest card and asked them if they had been told about it. They said "no". So I started to say "If they knew anyone who might be interested in hearing the gospel message." Well, I was told in my mind point blank, "Don't say that!" I remembered I hadn't introduced us and asked them where they were from, so I did that. We don't normally ask the guests if they are members, but I was being promted to ask, so I did and of course, they aren't. I haven't had anyone get offended "yet" when I ask. So, I said, "If they were interested in knowing more, they could fill out the guest card and kind of showed where they would put their names and explained it a little bit. They said their neighbors are always telling them about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-saints and I said great and we all chatted a little bit for a minute. I'm so grateful that the Holy Ghost stopped me from creating an uncomfortable situation for me. Sometimes, it's no big deal, but it can be embarrassing. Sister Meier, whom I was serving with had picked up on them not being members (the spirit must have told her) and said after, she was praying back there on her chair for me.
Love you all, Sister Scott

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