Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 22, 2013, Of "one heart and one mind" in the Illinois Nauvoo Mission.

The other night after Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo we're just standing around outside. The moon was full and beautiful, a true harvest moon. I thought, out load, and said, not to anyone in particular, "Is that a harvest moon or what?" President Gilliland was standing there and said to me, "You're going to miss this place." And I said "Yes, of course I'll miss it." I've come to know that this is sacred ground. But it's not only that. It's the people here. We all come from our fragmented lives to this place, set apart to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bring others to Him. Somehow we all bond in this purpose and become of "one heart and one mind." That's putting it pretty simply. It's more than that, particularly here in this sacred place. We are not the first to come here from our fragmented lives. The saints came from all parts of the world to this place, bonded by the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, at that time newly restored to the earth and they became of "one heart and one mind". They took the Gospel of Jesus Christ from this place out to all the world, just as we come to this place to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this special way, by sharing the lives of the saints who were here on this sacred ground with people who come here, some not even knowing why they stopped here. They just see the Historic Nauvoo sign and come in to find out what's here. Little do they know what the Prophet Joseph Smith said about the saints who were here in the 1840's. He said, "These are the best people under Heaven." It's not possible to hear of their lives and feel of the Spirit that is here and not have it affect your heart and mind.
As we leave here to go back to our fragmented lives, I pray that we can retain some of this purpose of  "one heart and one mind" and it will help us to live better lives.
Last night Butler's were at Rendezvous. It was so good to see and talk to and hug them. "The Golden Oldees"! They said we were the "Newbees" when we came from the MTC. Then the "New Newbees" came a week later, so we called the ones who were already here "The Golden Oldees" and golden they were. They loved us and taught us and we loved them back and maybe taught them a thing or too also. It was a time of change here in Old Nauvoo, in the script for the sites and the "guest card" and the way it was presented.

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