Monday, April 22, 2013

Brian L. Taylor's letter, April 21, 2013

Great Day!

Brian L Taylor
6:55 PM (11 hours ago)

Dear Elder and Sister Scott,,
            Another lovely Sabbath--not only because of the beautiful spirit that comes from meeting together, but today a warm breeze was blowing when we came out of the church building.  Isn't it great to have good feelings for more than one reason!  Actually there was another reason, because we had an adult fellow confirmed in our meeting, and as we separated to go into quorum work, I noticed that a couple of brethren were giving him a friendly slap on the shoulder and guiding him to his classroom.  We love to see new converts, just as you do in the mission field.
            In our priesthood meeting I noticed that we had a few young children with their fathers.  My neighbors' little 18-month old boy left his father's custody and walked across the front of the room to take our young chorister's finger.  It was interesting to see the self-conscious chorister try to hold the boy in place, but the little one was determined to take his new-found friend back toward his father.  Finally the chorister gave in and slowly followed the little one for several steps--just before the priesthood separated for classwork.  Since little ones hold such a special place in the heart of our Savior, I was pleased to see the young man show special kindness to his new-found friend.  Our chorister is learning how to be an effective missionary, right?
            In our priesthood class today an idea was presented that I had not given much thought to in the past.  It was the idea that some of our Saints take part in church activities or assignments just to be seen doing the right thing.  I would hope that this would involve only a very small minority of those who respond to assignments.  I can understand that someone who is in the business world (or perhaps a political candidate) might entertain this attitude just for the material benefit that might come from their action.  The thought hit me that those individuals would be among the number "who already have their reward" and could not expect to receive further blessing from the Savior.  As I have thought about the members who I see regularly  in church, I honestly cannot think of one who might fall in this category.  If there were any who fit this mold, I would guess that the individual is an adult.  I think our younger generation is doing the right things for the right reasons.  I especially notice the young men who help with the sacrament each week.  What excellent examples they are setting in the ward!
            I want to commend each of you--youth and adults--for being such excellent examples of what the Church stands for.  I like to think that your lives have a positive impact on the future missionaries who will be engaged in the Lord's service.  However, your dedicated service helps to fuel my Gospel fire, also.  Perhaps you have never thought about having a positive influence on adults other than your own family circle, but I am sure it is true.  I know what a joy it is to read the letters from my own grandson, and I look forward to reading letters from THREE grandsons in the near future.  The work will roll forth, BECAUSE IT IS TRUE.
            May the Lord continue to bless you richly because of your dedicated service.
            Love, G-pa Taylor

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